Adoptive Family John and Amy
We thank you for spending time getting to know us and hope that we will learn more about you in the near future. What a strong person you are to consider the needs of your child and seek the path of adoption. We cannot imagine how you are feeling but please know that we are ready to provide a nurturing and compassionate life for your child.

The running joke between us is "Who asked who on a date." Each of us will say the other made the first move (the jury is still out). We met over 10 years ago and have been married for almost 7 years. Since that time, we have grown closer each day. We cherish every moment we have together and have long-desired to expand our family. It was difficult for us to accept that we would not be able to conceive biological children. Only through support from our family and faith in God did we accept that there was an alternative plan to become parents.

We are both pediatric eye doctors and spend our days working with children. The most rewarding part of our day is helping a child to achieve their potential through identifying vision problems that will interfere with their future success. We enjoy our jobs; however, we are looking forward to beginning the next chapter in our lives. Becoming parents is our life-long goal and we can think of no greater calling. We realize that parenting has its "ups and downs" and we look forward to every minute of this journey. Our parents and extended family will play an active role in our future child's growth and development. We are very close to them and welcome all of their contributions.

Our parents provided us amazing childhoods and we plan to provide similar opportunities such as activities, vacations, sports, and scouting. We believe in education and will support and assist our future child's goals and dreams in every possible manner. Everything is not learned in the classroom and we will supplement their learning with educational trips and family outings. Our family heritage is important and we plan to travel to our parents' and extended family's homes to provide insight into our childhood. We have a common Christian faith (John is Catholic and Amy is Methodist) and we will raise our future child in a loving and Christian faith according to God's word.

One of our strongest attributes as a couple is our dedication and determination to accomplish any goal we set. We have devoted years to our medical training. Now accomplished, we want nothing more than to start a family. This dedication will be very important in our adoption process and will transfer to the needs of our future child. We will be dedicated and determined to provide the best life possible with a stable, loving, and caring environment.

We believe that one will not be able to know where they are going until they understand where they came from. We truly embrace the open adoption concept and we will be your champion in telling your child his/her adoption story. We will send you pictures, letters, and updates to ensure that you know that they are safe and healthy and to show you how much we love them. We will discuss adoption with openness and honesty. You will always be represented as a positive person who was faced with a difficult decision.

We sincerely hope that learning about us has provided you peace of mind. You face a difficult decision and we admire your strength and selflessness. If you wish, we are open to sharing anything about ourselves and look forward to meeting you in the future. We will continue to pray for you and your child as you continue on your journey. We are sincerely grateful for you to consider adoption. We cannot wait to become parents and it is only with your help that we may achieve our hearts desire.

With hope,

John and Amy

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