Adoptive Family Adam and Cassie

When we got married we both knew we wanted a family. We tried to have children for several years, but unfortunately were unable to conceive biological children. Since we always knew we wanted more than one child, we knew adoption would most likely play a role in our lives for growing our family. While we struggled to accept we wouldn't be able to have biological children, we were also excited about the journey that awaited us with adoption.

We love each other very much and have been married for over four years. We pride ourselves on being honest and open about everything, which was immensely helpful as we struggled through infertility. Our relationship has grown in ways we never thought imaginable because of the challenges (and even some triumphs) we have experienced as a couple. We are truly partners in everything we do and look forward to working together through the challenge of parenting.

We spend much of our spare time working on projects together and enjoy sharing our skills and talents with each other. We love being silly with each other and laughter is very important in our relationship. Laughter is one thing you will always find in abundance in our household. We are very excited for how our life will change with the addition of a child. There are many wonderful opportunities for children to learn and have fun where we live, and we are thrilled we will finally be able to participate in these activities with a child of our own. Our life will most likely look very different with a child than it does now, but we are excited and humbled by that opportunity. We realize that parenting is not always easy, but we expect it to be the most rewarding thing we will ever do.

Your child will be welcomed into a stable, loving home with two very strong parents. We consider ourselves to have very strong morals and believe in showing everyone the love and respect they deserve. Our families are both very close, and have been very supportive through our medical struggles, and now our decision to adopt. They are incredibly excited to have another child in the family, and they will support us in raising a loving child who respects others. We intend to instill in the child our values of a strong work ethic along with a love for learning.

We will share all of this with you through photos, letters and emails if desired. We will always be open and honest with the child when discussing adoption and lovingly share their adoption story with them from an early age. They will always know and understand how much you love them and how hard your decision was. We will support whatever type of relationship you envision with your child and are open to making arrangements for visits through video chat, or in person. We are committed to working together to create a positive and healthy relationship and will always respect the courage and strength you showed through this difficult decision.

We know that adoption will be an amazing experience and we cannot wait to finally be able to share our love with a child. Please know we will love this child with every fiber of our being.

Much love and respect,

Adam and Cassie

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