Adoptive Family Nate and Kelsey
We sincerely appreciate you considering adoption for your child. Our hearts and home are ready to accept a child and we couldn't be more honored to be acknowledged as potential adoptive parents.

When we each accepted a position with our current employer seven years ago, we didn't anticipate that it meant we would be working side-by-side with our future spouse. But as they say, "the rest is history." We quickly became best friends and were married five years later. We are a team for sure. We provide a support system for one another both intellectually and physically. We enjoy physical fitness and last year competed together in a duathalon race. Nate won by a couple of minutes, but Kelsey is certain her bike was to blame!

Currently we are co-parenting Nate's beautiful four-year-old daughter Alaina in a small suburb outside of the city where we work. We quickly fell in love with our four-bedroom home when we first purchased it two years ago. We are a young and active couple with adventurous spirits and we were fortunate to find a neighborhood full of families' with a similar dynamic and energy. Imaginations run wild in our home as our basement living room is frequently transformed into an ice cream shop or daycare center and our large, fenced-in backyard it utilized as a soccer field or race track.

Our family is just as excited as we are about adopting. We are blessed to have both sides of the family within a few hours drive. Family gatherings take place almost weekly and we look forward to watching this child grow up among several of our cousins' children, two nieces and two nephews. Our friends are an extension of our family and when we told them of our plans to adopt, they were similarly supportive and insistent on throwing a baby shower upon the child's arrival in celebration. This child will be so very loved!

We have so much love in our hearts to give and are excited by the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. We feel prepared to guide a child through this journey as well, educating them on who they are, where they were born and who their birth parents are. The maturity of the child will dictate when they are ready to have these conversations, but we will be there to answer their questions and provide them with the background of their culture and history that they need to fully grasp their true identity.

Our commitment is to love this child with all of our hearts. We also commit to be open and welcome to you to the extent that you feel comfortable. Through letters and pictures, we hope to keep you updated on the growth, happiness and abilities of your child.

We cannot begin to imagine what you must be feeling, thinking and experiencing during this time. Our hearts break with you as you make life-changing decisions for you and your child. We know that what might be the happiest day of our lives might very well be the hardest of yours. As you face this difficult decision, please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of two total strangers who would be blessed to meet you and your little one. And, if you so choose, we would be honored to be a part of this journey with you.

Nate and Kelsey

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