Adoptive Family George and Amanda

Faced with a most difficult decision, you are showing your bravery and wisdom and the ultimate love for your child. We admire you for considering adoption. We are grateful for you and for your consideration of our family.

George grew up in New Zealand and spent his post-university years in London before settling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Amanda grew up in rural Ohio and briefly lived in California before falling in love with western Washington's gentle green seasons. We now consider this our home.

Our shared story goes back more than a decade when we met on our daily bus commute. After a month of casual conversations, George got up the courage to ask Amanda for coffee, and we became a couple shortly after that. Three summers later, we got married in a small ceremony in a park overlooking Seattle, surrounded by our closest family and friends from around the globe.

The Pacific Northwest is where we choose to raise our family, which includes Madeleine and Elliott. We each have one brother and have long felt that we'd like our children to be part of a larger sibling group. In fact, when we found out that our son was on the way, we were relieved that he was a boy because we knew our third would always know he or she was wanted as an individual, regardless of gender. This has never been more true than now on our adoption journey: this child is wanted and loved.

As a family, we choose to live a simple but exciting life. George has a successful career in high tech, but he has established firm boundaries that mean he's home well before dinner every night of the week. Amanda takes the kids to Montessori School each morning and spends afternoons with them each day. During the summer, the kids are home with Amanda full time. We make it a priority to eat dinner together each night, and we often work together to prepare the meal. During the summer, Amanda and the kids visit the farmer's market each week to pick out tasty food. Our evenings are typically low-key, and the kids' days always end with bedtime stories and cuddles.

We live and model an active and healthy lifestyle. Both parents run and swim most weekends, often having the kids join for some part of it. When we have competitive events, the kids love to participate in short kid races and finish the race with us or cheer us on along the way. We regularly get out for family hikes on the forested trails near our house or spend time playing in our yard or at a local park. Throughout the year, we get together with friends and frequently to do seasonal activities like going to the pumpkin patch, sledding, or picking blueberries. We also love traveling as a family, whether it's to New Zealand to see family, to Hawaii to play on the beach, to Canada to ski/snowboard, or to a nearby town to support a member of the family competing in an event.

Many of the routines our family holds dear, like nightly family dinners and bedtime stories, have been in place for as long as we've had children in our home. We take joy in creating a stable home environment for our children to grow, have fun, make mistakes, learn, and grow into their full potential as individuals.

We chose adoption to complete our family after Amanda experienced pregnancy complications that make further pregnancies unlikely. We look forward to making a connection with the right person - not just the baby but you - to make our family complete. We look forward to sharing photos, letters, and emails about your child's life and bringing you peace of mind about your loving decision. We are always open to your questions and curiosities. We hope this letter and our profile will help you begin to know whether you are the best fit to complete our family.

George and Amanda

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