Adoptive Family Rosalea and Jay

Thank you for reviewing our profile! We hope that you got a sense of the happiness, playfulness and love that we share between us. We know that as you look through these profiles, you are faced with a tough decision and are trying to pick the people that will best care and love for your child.

We can tell you that for 3 years we have been in a wonderful marriage. We actually met 7 years ago at work and were friends right away. After a couple of years, Jay finally realized that we could be more than friends and we have been very much in love since then. When we first started dating, we both knew we wanted to start a family and we have been pursuing that dream ever since.

Our everyday life is very stable and routine oriented as we like to keep our home comfortable and cozy and we both feel that brings out the best in all people. Currently we both work as retail managers for major retailers but we look forward to changing that very soon! Rosalea plans to start her new career as a full-time, stay-at home-mom upon the arrival of a little one. We both value the importance of having a consistent full-time parent at home and have prepared ourselves in order to make that change right away. We are both very excited for this big change and can't wait to begin this new chapter. Speaking of being excited, our families are so excited to meet the newest addition. They are all ready offering clothes, cribs, parenting tips, babysitting and more!

As for the two of us, we will graciously accept the responsibility of raising your baby in a happy, loving home where they will receive everything they need. They will be encouraged to learn and develop many different skills in order to become the individual he or she chooses to be in life. We promise to not only love and protect your baby, but we will teach them how to love, care, respect, and enjoy life to the fullest.

We cannot tell you how grateful we are that you are considering us to be the parents of your child. We want to assure you that your baby will hear their story over and over again as they grow up and you will always be portrayed in a positive light. We both know that it is very important to know where you come from in order to develop into the person you want to become. We will share photos and letters about their accomplishments and adventures with you and gather and share information you provide to us with them as they get older. They will know that their birth mom is a very strong woman who loved them so much that you selflessly decided for us to be their parents. And we will remind them of how much we want and love them every single day.

Thank you again for considering us. We know that you will make the right choice for your child.

With love and respect,

Rosalea and Jay

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