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When we started to write this letter we thought what do we tell someone that we never met and could potentially become the most important person in our lives?

We want to tell you everything about us and we wish you could tell us everything about you. For now, we'll start with an introduction and some background about us.

We are Andy and Shannen. We are a fun, energetic, and loving couple. Most times you'll find us in the kitchen cooking up a yummy yet healthy meal. Other times we're on the couch snuggled up with our dogs watching a movie or one of our favorite TV shows. We both really enjoy expressing our creative sides. Andy has a passion for playing the guitar so whenever he can he's playing one of his favorite songs. Shannen's always working on some kind of craft project or decorating the house. Also, we're that couple that is proud to call one another their best friend. We know it sounds cliche but it's the truth. We met in 2006 and have been loving life together ever since.

It's also probably good for you to know a few of our obsessions. They are; our families, our dogs, Disney, Christmas and the town we live in.

We LOVE where we live. It's a small suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's one of those places where everyone either knows you by name or knows someone that is related to you. It is what makes this town such a family friendly environment to grow up in. Andy was born and raised here so it's pretty neat that we now own a own deli right in town. All of his side of the family lives here. We are very grateful for that because we are always getting together to celebrate birthdays, holidays and achievements. Shannen's family is only a short drive away so we are always planning visits to see them. We actually visit pretty often because we have two young nieces that are growing up way too fast and we don't want to miss a moment.

We are so excited to tell you about our big family vacation at the New Jersey shore. All of us (parents/siblings/nieces) go for an entire week and it's an absolute blast. We look forward to it every year. You'll find us all on the beach playing in the ocean, building sand castles and taking boat rides in the bay. During that week we plan a day where we do a family picnic that includes games, music and of course lot of cooking and eating. So much fun!

The single most important thing we want to express here is our strong desire to become parents. We both have so much love to give to a child. Just thinking about life as a family of three is so thrilling and heartwarming. To share our traditions, provide love and stability is something we so wish to be able give. It is very important to us that the child we bring into our family knows from the beginning that they are adopted and so blessed to have twice as many people that love him/her. We also want to stay in contact with you if you so wish to do so. Pictures, emails, phone calls and if possible visits are everything we envision in this relationship. We are all in this together!

Thank you! We wish nothing but the best for you and your child.


Andy and Shannen

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