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One of the most important aspects of this whole process, for us as adoptive parents, is making sure your child knows how much love and sacrifice went into your decision. They will never feel abandoned or question why you chose adoption, because we will remind him/her each day how loved they are by both their biological and adoptive family. We want you to feel as confident and comfortable as possible in your decision, this is why we strive to be as transparent and honest at all times. Our hope is to grow our family through adoption. We would love for you to become a part of our journey. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in person and learning who you are and what’s important to you. We love the idea of having continued communication with you, whether that be through us sending you pictures and updates on the baby, or even exchanging phone numbers/email addresses for future contact, so we can hear from you as well.

Two things we want you to know: First off, we promise to fill your child's life with opportunity. Depending on their specific interests, we will support their desires, whether that is music, theater, sports, art, etc. We want him/her to have every opportunity in life to excel and create a beautiful future. Secondly, we promise to fill your child's life with FUN! We love to have fun through exploring new activities, trying new foods, pursuing our passions, and seeing the world.

We met in middle school and started dating soon after graduating high school. Our first date was to the drive-in movie theater. We dated for two years before getting married on July 9, 2011. We've spent the last six and a-half years enjoying one another, finishing our degrees, and building our careers. We work great as a team and are ready for life's next, big adventure. Ian is described as hardworking, creative and funny. He loves riding motorcycles, working on cars, playing sports, camping, and working out. Karcie is described as ambitious, dedicated and loving. She enjoys reading, watching basketball, game nights, volunteering, hosting events, and binge watching Hulu.

We did want to mention a few other things that are important to us: First off, our dog, Bear. He is a Labrador retriever who loves car rides and nightly walks. Next, is holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas! We love traditions and making things interesting with events such as ugly sweater competitions, costume parties, baking days, pumpkin carving, and much more! We also love to travel. We recently visited San Francisco, Orlando, New York City, Chicago, and Myrtle Beach. Finally, is our relationship with Christ and our church. Each decision we make as a family stems from our faith in God. We are very active in our church, teaching Team Kid every Wednesday night and co-hosting a Small Group.

We've had eight great years as a couple but with each passing moment we hope and pray for a growing family. Thank you for taking a peek into our lives and for considering joining us in this journey.

With Love,

Ian and Karcie

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