Thank you for viewing our profile. We cherish children and at this point in our lives adoption is the only opportunity to add to our family. We believe in a loving, supportive, and fun home allowing children to use their unique gifts to flourish. One of the joys of life is watching a child grow and learn about their life. Should you choose us you will provide one of the greatest gifts imaginable

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Will Nicole
job description
Vice President, Product Solutions Administrative Assistant
Master's of Business Administration Bachelor's of Business in Administration
Dream Job
Third Base Coach for the St. Louis Cardinals
Dream Job
UNICEF Ambassador
Family Activity
Going to Baseball GAmes
Family Activity
Nature Walks
Model Railroading
Type of Music
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Vacation Spot
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Legally Married

Our Life Priorities
Our Family

Our lives are rooted in faith and family. We are very active at our church by volunteering for boards and ministries and believe in practicing our faith through service to others. Will is a member of a local Rotary Club and Nicole is a board member for the PTA at Ainsley’s school.

As parents, we place a high priority on supporting our daughter - we attend her school programs, volunteer in her classroom, and coach her sports teams.

We also believe that family needs to be prioritized over other activities. It is important to us to have regular visits with our parents, siblings, and extended family. We enjoy family meals each evening and discuss the events of our day. The goal is to create memories that we can enjoy in future years and create a support network that we can lean on. Ainsley remembers her first visit to the beach and going to Disney World with her parents and grandparents. We treasure our time together!

Ainsley has wanted to be a big sister for a long time and is excited for this opportunity. All three of us have a strong desire to share our lives with another child.

Our Leisure Time
We Love Baseball!

As a family we share a love of reading and baseball. We spend many summer nights at the baseball field with Will coaching Ainsley’s team or playing himself. If we are not playing we can be found rooting for our local baseball team. Wintertime is basketball season when we enjoy watching local college teams and Will coaching Ainsley’s basketball team. In between this we attend performances at the community theater and sitting by the fire pit in the backyard. We have a tradition of sitting at a nearby bakery/coffee shop on Sunday mornings reading and playing games.

Will is active in a local Rotary Club having held roles as treasurer, youth exchange counselor, and president. He also serves on a university alumni council, the advisory council for our local public schools foundation, and on the media team and leadership board at church. He also is working on a model railroad based on the history of the Frisco Railway in the 1950s and 1960s.

Nicole is treasurer of the PTA at Ainsley’s school, volunteers at the children’s check-in desk and altar guild at church, and is a member of a hospital co-worker crisis fund board having served as chairwoman in the past. She also enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, and walks in nature.

Ainsley will be a Fantastic Big Sister!

Ainsley, our blessing through in vitro fertilization, was born in 2008 and is an energetic and active young lady who is excited to become a big sister. She enjoys piano, theater, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, art, and technology. Her active imagination helps her create games on the fly and get others to play along. She loves to ask questions and learn so she naturally likes school.

Our goal as parents is to create a loving home and strong foundation of critical thinking and independence for our children. Ainsley is around when we discuss our daily events from work or other activities and we ask her about events in her day at school. As a result of this, Ainsley communicates well with children and adults.

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