We are grateful for the opportunity to pursue adoption. It is our dream to grow our family and we appreciate you reading about us. We are already parents to our young son. We think we are great parents and we would be honored if you chose us to be your child's parents. We believe we have everything in place to give your child a very loving, fun and nurturing home.

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Reza Bridget
job description
President & Founder of a CPA Firm Stay-at-Home Mom & Part-Time Administrator at Our CPA Firm
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Master's Degree in Physical Education, Business
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Hike Machu Picchu
Ice Cream
Teaching Exercise & Running in Races
Miss Congeniality
Musical Group
Beastie Boys
Musical Group
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
All Smiles at the Beach

Our lifestyle is fairly simple: we take care of our son Ryan, and although we both work at Reza's CPA firm, we make sure we have lots of fun/quality time together!

Our top priority is making sure our son is loved, cared for and all of his needs are met. We spend quality time together as a family in the morning and in the evenings and on weekends and vacations, holidays, etc.

Bridget is a stay-at-home mother but works for the family business when Ryan is at morning pre-school, is sleeping or if his grandmother picks him up for an afternoon of fun. Reza started his own company in 2008 and it has grown tremendously over the past several years. He works very hard but has the flexibility of working from anywhere, which provides us with more opportunities to spend time running around the playground, shooting baskets, visit with family, go the beach, swim and play!

Our Leisure Time
An Afternoon at the Playground

We are a very active family. Our hobbies include running, tennis, hiking, basketball, swimming and teaching fitness. We include our son in these activities, too, and we frequently go to playgrounds and playdates at his friends’ homes.

We also recently joined a country club down the road from our house. We are so excited for the many activities we will be able to do as a family, especially once the outdoor pool opens up! Right now, Ryan wants to take swimming lessons and go to the summer camp. There are many activities and events for young children including arts and crafts, Easter egg hunts, a play room, bowling and movies.

We are also active in the community as Reza has his own business. We donate to local charities and volunteer in community events such as cleaning up public schools and delivering food to those in need.

We really value the time we spend together as a family and we cannot wait to share the fun with another child!

Our Cultural Heritage

Reza was born in Iran and moved to the United States when he was five years old. He has been a US citizen for a long, long time and now owns his own successful CPA and Consulting Firm. He speaks fluent Farsi/Persian and is teaching our son how to speak the language.

Bridget’s heritage is Irish. Her great grandparents moved to the United States from Ireland. She has traveled to Ireland for a graduate school internship as well as for family trips and reunions with cousins who still live there.

March is always a fun month in our house. We celebrate Norwuz which is the Persian New Year (and on the first day of spring) as well as St. Patrick’s Day. There is a lot of good food as well as dancing with our son to Persian and Celtic music.

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