We are Chris and Vera.
Thanks for reading our profile
We really hope you like it.
We hope it makes you smile.
You might think it sounds musical....
But really it is Seuss-icle.
We've been married for a long time.
We have a very stable home.
We're hoping to complete our family,
with a cherished little one.

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Chris Vera
job description
Chief Financial Officer Director of Clinical Services
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Master's Degree in Guidance & Counseling
Children's Book
Curious George
Children's Book
Cat in the Hat
Collecting Football Cards
Family Activity
Going to the Zoo
Family Activity
Going to the Zoo
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
Cherry Pie
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Fun Together at the Zoo

"I" is for his Intelligence, though he's really just a tot.
"S" is for his Silliness. We love his laugh a lot.
"A" is for Adventure--He's always having one.
"A" again for Active--moving, having fun.
"C" is for his Caring. He's such a loving boy.
Together they spell "Isaac." He's such a pride and joy.

He joined us through adoption, when just a little babe.
We had waited for forever, and were so glad when he came.
His birth mom and birth dad chose us. We visit with them still.
He knows they really love him, and that they always will.

Isaac loves to swim and play, and take walks with his wagon.
His energy is limitless, even when adults are dragging.
Reading is a favorite-- "Cat in the Hat" cover to cover
That's what inspired our rhyming now. -- We've read it over and over.

Isaac knows that all his friends have sisters or have brothers.
He wants one too, and doesn't care, if it's one or the other.
He's ready for a sibling, and he loves babies so.
He'll be a great big brother, and protect them while they grow.

What it Means to Be Parents
Silliness on the Slide

To be a parent means so much.
It's our most important job.
It's every little loving touch,
And comforting every sob.

Being a parent really means
We always will be there
From babyhood to toddler or teen
We'll be firm and we'll be fair.

And when our children are all grown,
They'll be our children still.
We'll visit and talk by phone.
We'll be there for them still.

Being a parent means forever.
It means all of our love
It means we love them whether
They're old or they are young.

Lots of patience is required
To be a mom or dad.
Your really have to be inspired
And calm your temper when you're mad.

Parents teach and help their kids
With every little thing.
That is what OUR parents did,
And it means everything.

But love is most and love is all.
And love is what you need.
Love saves you when you take a fall.
Love is parenting, indeed.

So what it means to be a parent
Is answered just by this....
We ALWAYS will be there for them
With a hug and with a kiss.

What Made Us Who We Are
Off to Work

"What made us who we are?" you ask,
And we'll be sure to tell.
It's really not too big a task.
We'll try to do it well.

Both of us were born and raised
In stable families, yes.
Though they weren't rich, you'd be amazed,
Their care for us was best.

Our parents taught us values,
And that hard work will pay.
And now we've found that it is true.
We work and then we play.

Then Chris was in the Army.
That also shaped him some.
Even though he still is corny,
There's more to him than fun.

Vera went to college
And now she works with teens.
As a therapist she'll acknowledge
What our feelings really mean.

And now we've been together
For more than 20 years.
And that has made us better.
We think that it is clear.

Then there is Isaac's impact.
He really helps us see
The need for patience, that's a fact,
And how strong love can be.

Now we hope that this child
Will also shape our lives.
We can hardly wait awhile.
We have so much love to give.

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