Growing our family through adoption has been a dream of ours for many years. The greatest gifts of our marriage are our two fun-loving daughters, but we still long for another baby to complete our family. We feel honored that you have taken the time to learn about us, and we wish you strength and clarity as you consider adoption for your child.

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Brian Nichole
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Product Manager Teacher
Master's Degree in Business Master's Degree in Education
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Going Out to Breakfast
Family Activity
Riding Bikes Together
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Her Tenacity and Determination
Quality about my Spouse
He Always Puts Family First
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Payton , Allie
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Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Best Friends

Brian About Nichole: Nichole is a force of nature! She has an electric personality, and is the kind of person that people naturally gravitate to. She is fun, personable, and very outgoing. In this sense, she is the perfect complement to my more introspective personality. As a caring and compassionate teacher and a working-mom, she sets out every day to set a good example for our children. In everything that she does, she looks to teach our kids (and her school kids) the importance of hard work, organization, and a strong sense of responsibility. Her high-energy, active lifestyle really sets the tone for our weekly routine and drives us all to be better people.

Nichole About Brian: Brian is my very best friend. He is also the smartest person that I know. I am constantly amazed by his ability to be such a fantastic hands-on dad all while also balancing a leadership position at a fast-paced company. Brian and I hold a partnership in parenting. We often say that we divide and conquer our parenting responsibilities. Brian is the go-to parent when the kids need help with their math and science and his patience and ability to help them understand skills and concepts in a different way never ceases to amaze me. Our children love to spend time with their dad, and they love to snuggle on the couch and watch movies with him. And most importantly, I think they adore their dad just as much as I do.

Why We Chose Adoption
Hanging at the Park

For nearly 4 years, we have experienced the inability to conceive again. We have both always dreamed of having 3 children, and after exploring several options that included becoming foster parents as well adopting a child internationally, we realized that adopting an infant domestically was the path we wanted to take to grow our family. Adoption is also very close to our hearts. Brian was adopted when he was a toddler by his step-father after his mother got re-married. The bond that he and his father share is incredibly close and meaningful, and it has truly shaped him into the wonderful man he is today.

Our daughters have longed for another brother or sister for as long as we can remember. The girls have already set aside all of their favorite baby toys, are going to move in together and share bunkbeds so the baby can have their own nursery, and they have been telling everyone we know that we will soon have another baby in our family! It is truly the sweetest thing ever, and we cannot wait for that dream to become a reality. The girls simply cannot wait to be big sisters, and we, too, are so eager to add another little one to our fun and outgoing family.

Our Family Traditions
Family Birthday Party Celebration

Family traditions and creating memories for our children are what we live for! Family dinners at the kitchen table are important to us. Each night, we go around and everyone states the best parts of their day. It makes for fun conversation and reflecting on being grateful.

In addition, we love to read! Every night before bed, the kids read their books with us. We cherish the evening snuggle time spent with them before they fall asleep.

A family tradition we love is going out for breakfast on Sundays. We usually go to one of our favorite restaurants after attending church. The kids look forward to this time every week.

“Game Night” on Fridays is another tradition. The kids get to pick out we play, and we sit around, laugh, and have a blast together. We hope they want to continue game night even when they are in high school!

Birthdays are another very special occasion in our house. We have a tradition where Mom decorates the entire kitchen full of streamers, balloons, and Happy Birthday signs for whomever’s birthday it is. It’s a wonderful surprise for the “Birthday Boy or Girl” to walk into a decorated room with their favorite breakfast waiting for them. Finally, Halloween candy egg hunts in our backyard as well as the hidden “Elf on the Shelf” are other favorite holiday traditions that we enjoy every year with the kids.

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