Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us. We are so glad to have the chance to tell you about ourselves and how happy we are to have this opportunity. We have both always felt that adoption was the right choice for us, and to adopt a child will be our dream fulfilled. We have endless love to give and share.

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Johann Jenny
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Staff Software Engineer Assistant Professor
Master's Degree in Engineering Doctoral Degree in Veterinary Medicine
Lord of the Rings
Dream Job
Pro Bike Racer
Dream Job
Running an Animal Rescue
Playing Piano and Baking
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Cherry Garcia
Ice Cream
Vegan Mint Chip
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Alabama Shakes
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What it Means to Be Parents
Together at a Friend's Wedding

We’re so happy to have to chance to become parents. We’re incredibly excited to open our happy, slightly silly home to a child. Our goal is to raise this child to be happy and secure, and to teach them to embrace both the joys and challenges that their life will hold. They will grow up in our safe and nurturing family. We will show them our own passions and dedication toward our family, the community and our planet's environment. We are looking forward to watching our child grow, explore and become a unique, special individual with his or her own dreams and aspirations.

When we first met, we discovered that we both loved the idea of adopting a child, rather than having one biologically. It has always felt like the right decision for us as a family, and every day we grow more certain that it is what we were meant to do. Our hearts are already filled with love for this child, and we are ready to be a family. We are confident that we can help our child to understand what being adopted means, and we will not hesitate to discuss adoption as we truly believe it is a positive, wonderful thing.

Our Pets

Pets are what first brought us together. Johann loves cats, something that Jenny (a veterinarian) finds irresistible and was attracted to immediately. Our animals make us laugh every day.

Both our dog and our cat were adult rescues, and we feel very happy that we have been able to provide them with a great home. In particular, our dog was kept in a small cage for her first three years of life before we adopted her. Helping her to slowly come out of her shell, and seeing her gradually become more confident and playful, is so rewarding and is wonderful proof of the power of patience and love.

We both grew up with much-loved pets. Johann’s dog was his constant companion as he explored the hills where he lived, and Jenny’s pets were the highlight of her childhood. We are looking forward to giving a child the happiness of having pets; they bring unconditional love and so much fun as well as encouraging outdoor exercise.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

Jenny is of German, Irish and Welsh ancestry, and she also has a grandfather who was half Cherokee American Indian. Her large extended family includes several African-American cousins. Jenny's grandmother created a family tree and album that traces the origin of her family members, including the forced migration of her American Indian ancestors. Johann is of primarily German heritage. We have a number of family traditions and customs that relate to our family histories. For example, Johann's mother continues many of her family's holiday traditions from Germany, including serving those wonderful chocolate-covered gingerbread cookies during the Christmas season.

We live in a vibrant, culturally diverse college town in Oregon. We intend to enroll our child in our nearby public schools. We plan to be involved in local school activities, and to get to know parents and children of diverse backgrounds. We will work with our child's teachers to ensure that classroom activities are inclusive of all races and ethnicities. We will make every effort to incorporate unique cultural traditions such as holidays and food dishes into our family's customs, and expose our child to the history and arts of his or her ethnic background. We have met several racially diverse adoptive families in our town, and we look forward to establishing friendships with other families that have similar goals of supporting and encouraging their children’s unique identities.

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