Thank you for choosing to learn about us. We are an active and adventurous family, excited to adopt again. We love being parents and hope our profile gives you a good sense of who we are and what you could expect your baby's life to be like with us. We wish you the best with your decision and believe it takes a very special person to consider adoption. Thank you.

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Chris Lexie
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Prosthodontist Stay-at-Home Mom
Doctor of Dentistry/Prosthodontics Master's Degree in Biology/Environmental Science
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When We Met Salsa Dancing
Memory with Spouse
Hiking in Costa Rica
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Fourth of July BBQ & Fireworks
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Our Hopes for an Open Adoption
Our Happy Family at Home

We learned the importance of open adoption through personal experience when we became parents for the first time and welcomed our son, Julian, home. We feel very blessed to have a loving and respectful open adoption relationship with members of his birth family. We keep in touch regularly through email, text and phone and we make a special visit to see them each year. They are great people and we feel very lucky to have them in our lives.

We want the children to grow up knowing where they came from and that they are loved by so many people. It is our hope that the relationship we form with you will endure throughout life and bring happiness and comfort to your child. Your child will always know how much you love him/her and that he/she was placed for adoption in an act of true love. It is our hope to stay in touch with you throughout your baby’s life, if you are OK with that as well. You will always have a special place in our lives.

We hope to hear from you and begin a relationship that enriches all of our lives. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
We Enjoy Being Together

Lexie About Chris: Chris is the most kind-hearted, happy person I know. The first thing I noticed about him when we met was that he was always smiling – and that’s still true today! He is caring with an easy-going attitude. He’s the guy who gladly lends a hand by waking up early on a Saturday to take you to the airport or hauling furniture when you have to move.

Chris is the best dad! I always knew Chris would be a great parent, but seeing his dedication, love and happiness each day melts my heart. Chris has always been involved in everything: changing diapers, middle of the night feedings, singing songs and bath time. He and Julian love to ride scooters to the park and keep a lookout for the ice cream truck! Chris encourages Julian’s second language skills by reading Spanish storybooks to Julian every night; It’s a special time that they both look forward to.

Chris About Lexie: Lexie is a loving wife, an amazing mom and my best friend. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys making everyone laugh. Kids love her silly songs, funny faces and her enjoyment of playing sports. She is deeply caring and giving, always finding ways to bring happiness and give encouragement to others. She’s dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and takes pride in organizing activities and creating a love for cooking in Julian by including him in preparing meals for our family.

Our Life Priorities

We have always valued the relationships we have with our siblings and believe life is more fun when you grow up with brothers or sisters.

Being home and engaged with the kids is important to us. Chris’ job with the Navy allows him to work close by and to be home by 4 p.m. so we have time to play and have dinner as a family. He’s looking forward to coaching kids’ sports teams as they grow.

Some of our priorities as parents include bilingual education, lots of fun, and family time. We are athletic and active. We enjoy spending time at play and traveling together. Your child will have opportunities to try different sports, music, art and other activities that suit their unique personality. They will see the world as we travel in the Navy and for vacation. Both of us have many great memories of our childhood vacations: road trips to the Grand Canyon and to the seashore, and camping trips in the mountains. We look forward to adventures like these as a family.

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