We are so very grateful that you are reading our profile and considering us as potential parents for your child! We know this must be a very difficult decision for you to make and we can only hope to raise your child to be the human being you would like them to grow up to be. We feel very blessed that we have made the decision to adopt and look forward to our future as parents!

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Andy Gillian
job description
Vice President Registered Nurse
Bachelor's in Genealogy Associate's in Nursing
Childhood Memory
Fishing with my Father
Childhood Memory
Playing with my Cousins at my Grandparent's House
Dream Job
Fly Fishing Instructor
Dream Job
Jewelry or Clothing Store Owner
Family Activity
Holiday Gatherings
Family Activity
Just Hanging Out
Sport to Play
Sport to Play
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Out for a Hike in Ireland

We were very fortunate to have spent some years in Colorado together and both of us have a great love of the mountains and the outdoors. We would love to share this love of the outdoors with this child! The local park has a couple of play areas for kids and there is small lake for fishing and paddle boats, the park will be a great area for this child to have fun and also meet other kids to play with. We also spend lots of time in the park walking our dogs together on summer evenings – the dogs love to get out and about!

Andy's passion is golf which he would love to play year round if he could. Andy also loves to play football and rugby and envisions the day he can pass this on to a child and go to games together or watch him or her play sports and cheer on the side lines. He watches the Eagles play every Sunday during football season so this child will probably be all decked out in Eagles gear from birth!

Gillian loves to run which on beautiful day she can do for hours. She enjoys her usual running route in the local park where most people know her by now and she can’t wait to have a jogging stroller for the baby so they can enjoy the park together. Though we like to be active, sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing on a Sunday night and enjoying a movie together or watching some of our favorite shows.

Discussing Adoption

We would tell this child from the beginning that he or she is adopted. When the child is younger we would maybe incorporate it in a bedtime story and tell them how very happy we are that you chose us to be his or her parents. We would tell this child how very blessed we are to have them as part of our lives and family and how much they are wanted and loved. He or she will know how much you love them and how you wanted the best life possible for him or her. We hope to keep you involved in this child’s life through letters and pictures and update you on important life events like a birthday or graduation or just cutting their first tooth or first smile!

The most important thing to us is to make this child feel very comfortable talking about adoption. It is also important that we answer whatever questions he or she may have about their adoption and about you. We feel that being open about adoption can only have positive benefits for this child.

Education We will Provide
So Happy Together

Education has always been important in our lives. We feel education is a sound basis for a child to form basic life skills and gives them knowledge of the world around them. Preschool and kindergarten are probably the first places that this child would make friends and possibly meet another child who is adopted. We hope that a good education will give this child the tools to be successful in life and accomplish his or her goals.

We are excited to start helping with homework and teaching this child how to count, the alphabet and colors of the rainbow. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure and it would be precious time spent with this child. We are both avid readers and that we would love to read with this child and make it a fun tradition with colorful and interesting books. We understand that parents are a child's best and first teachers. We would encourage our child to pursue their interests and support and expose them to a variety of educational activities and opportunities. We are very dedicated to providing the best education we can!

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