We are Josh and Betty! We are a young, fun-loving family who can provide immense love, laughter, joy, stability and opportunity to a child. We have been together 9 years and married over 3 years. Throughout our time, we have built a strong foundation based on values including respect, honesty, education, love and kindness. We have so much respect for you and your selfless decision. Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us!

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Josh Betty
job description
Systems Engineer Senior Associate Consultant
Information Technology Human Relations & Business
Dream Job
Dream Job
Interior Designer
Family Activity
Family Activity
Going to the Lake
Type of Music
Type of Music
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
San Francisco

We are a fun-loving family who enjoys traveling throughout the United States. It is not uncommon for us to pick a random city on the map and then visit it just to explore something new. Throughout our adventures, we've acquired new passions such as Betty learning to snow ski or Josh learning to rock climb in addition to being exposed to different cultures, traditions and types of food. Betty is always taking pictures and video recordings which helps us stay connected to parts of our travels we wish to continue learning about during our every day life. Each year, we keep a memory jar that holds souvenirs and keepsakes. This family tradition is one we'll continue and share with your child.

Our lifestyle can be described as active as we're constantly either outdoors or at a social event working on a hobby. We are health nuts and each exercise just about every day. We share home and pet owner responsibilities equally and work smoothly as a team.

We are also avid sports fans, both playing and attending live events. Our town has many sporting venues for children which we'll expose this child to in order to see what he or she will be passionate about.

Why We Chose Adoption

From day one, we discussed the importance of family in our lives. Having each come from large families, we dreamed of becoming parents to pass on nurturing lifelong companionship. Early on, we knew the parent/child relationship didn't have to be strictly biological. Growing up, one of Josh's closest relationships was with his step brother. Though they were not blood related, it didn't matter, the bond was there. As we casually tried to have biological children, we realized it wasn't happening for unknown reasons. A few years in, we pursued IVF and were initially successful but later miscarried. The next year, Betty naturally became pregnant, then miscarried again. When asked if we wanted to pursue additional artificial treatment, we said no as it didn't feel like the right path for us. We circled back to building our family through other means. We have many adopted friends who all have had rewarding lives. Knowing the positive life experiences that resulted from their adoptions excited us to want that, too. We love living life to its fullest and knew the unique experience of adoption was meant to be for us. We look forward to celebrating this child's adoption story as a tribute of admiration for your courageous decision. Our extended families join us in bursting with excitement ready to meet your child, who we feel is a gift from God.

What Made Us Who We Are today

We are proud of the foundation we have built as a family. Some of our greatest strengths include security and stability, being well established in our careers which provides financial freedom to offer many opportunities to this child, having multiple educational degrees allowing us to share not only book smarts but life skills, a large base of family and friends, openness as a couple and as individuals to explore new adventures, and everlasting support from our church community that allows us to give back in helping others. Betty's parents have been married over 40 years so she learned what works and what doesn't work in sustaining a happy marriage. Josh's large extended family provided him a variety of experiences including summer RV trips across the country, snow skiing and river rafting trips. Josh served four years in the military with two tours overseas. The discipline and respect instilled in him during this time remains. We know that God is with us in our life journey. Through him, we walk together as a family to pursue happiness. We are determined people who work hard to achieve goals. We encourage big dreams and strive to achieve them. To us, happiness and joy is measured not only in what we earned ourselves but in what we can help others obtain to better their lives. Our upbringing made us want to provide only the best life for your child.

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