We think adoption is such a gift and we're so excited about the opportunity to welcome a new baby into our family. We have lots of love to give and can't wait to share all the fun and activities with a new member of the family. We know we'll be good parents and would be grateful and honored to be your child's parents. Thank you for your consideration.

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Scott Alie
job description
Senior Marketing Manager Account Executive
Master's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Amy Poehler
Tina Fey
Childhood Memory
Family Vacations - Disney World, Hawaii, Camping
Childhood Memory
Riding My Horse with My Sister & Friends
Quality about my Spouse
Her Outgoingness
Quality about my Spouse
He is the Most Caring Person I Have Ever Met
Sport to Play
Sport to Play
Soccer or Lacrosse
Legally Married

Qualities We Admire in Each Other
Our Happy Family

We have such a fun family. It is our goal to always be open and happy and view life as a gift of adventure, challenges, blessings and joy.

It is these beliefs where our balance works so well for us. Scott is level headed, deliberate and wise beyond his years. He is the map that keeps the family on course. He is the rock, counselor and balance. As we plan a trip or a big change we can count on Scott to have it researched, written out, organized and edited.

Alie is passionate, driven and apt to take the road less traveled. She pushes the boundaries and is always up for a new adventure. She moves the family to try new things, be a little crazy. Scott will come home to messy piles of clothes after a rainy day of puddle stomping with the neighborhood kids.

We love the balance this brings to our relationship and how fun it makes all of our days. We are different and we admire these differences in each other so much. It brings such interest and opportunity to our lives, such different perspectives keep us trying new things and thinking in new and different ways.

What it Means to be Parents
Spring Morning Run

We are so excited to have another child in our home! We were blessed to get pregnant shortly after our honeymoon. We found out after trying for a long time for another child that we have secondary infertility.

Amelia is a very funny, sweet and sensitive 6-year-old who is very excited to gain a baby brother or sister. We both have siblings and understand the special relationships brothers and sisters bring. Not only will our next child gain two loving and caring parents, they will also gain a sister and friend for life.

Being parents has been the most amazing blessing. We cherish every moment we have with our daughter. We are so excited for all the firsts; first smiles, first time rolling over, first time sitting up and saying Mama and Dada. It is so difficult to say what has been our favorite part of being a parent. With the anticipation of a new baby we are so excited for all of the joy and love that will come!

Top 10 Ways We Have Fun:

10. Dance parties!

9. Art, painting, coloring, making collages

8. Treasure hunts!

7. Watching movies

6. Playing at the park

5. Walking our dog, Gracie

4. Going out to new restaurants

3. Visiting friends

2. Experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen

1. Playing games

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