Family is the most important thing to us and we are so excited to continue to grow ours through adoption! We are so grateful that you are reading our profile as you consider making an adoption plan. We have so much love for one another and want to share that love with a child. Being chosen to be your child's parents would mean the world to us.

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Matt Molly
job description
Product Marketing Innovation Product Owner
Bachelor's in Marketing Master's in Economics
Childhood Memory
Spending Christmas with My Brother and Sister
Childhood Memory
Christmas Eve with My Family
London, England
Berlin, Germany
Family Activity
Family Activity
Memory with Spouse
Traveling to Italy for the First Time
Memory with Spouse
Picnic in the Park Next to the Eiffel Tower
Legally Married

Why I/We Chose Adoption
Our Happy Family

We had always talked about possibly adopting because we saw it as a special and amazing way to grow our family. Molly's best friend was adopted as an infant, as were several of our mutual friends and their stories were so wonderful and have always resonated with us.

After experiencing several years of unexplained infertility and many different medical procedures, we knew that we were meant to adopt. Our infertility journey was sometimes sad and painful but it made us even stronger individually and as a couple. And now having adopted our daughter, we would never have it any other way, because it led us to her.

Adopting our daughter has been the most amazing part of our lives. She has proven to us that we were meant to be adoptive parents and that we had so much room in our hearts for Maddi's birthparents to be part of our family. They are incredibly special to us!

Leisure Time
We Love College Basketball!

We love spending our time exploring in several different ways. We take our daughter hiking almost every weekend in the summer and we go paddle boating and kayaking because we love being active outdoors. We also love to explore different types of food and cultures, so we try new restaurants and belong to a dinner club where chefs try new, adventurous recipes for a group.

We enjoy cheering on our local sports teams and there are several of them in our city. During the summer, we often go to baseball games and we love to cheer on our college basketball team whenever we can. We also have a fun tradition where we take the first two days of the college basketball tournament off work to watch all the games. We've already started taking Maddi to the games!

Enjoying Beautiful Italy

Traveling is also one of our favorite things to do. We have loved watching Maddi's eyes grow wide the first time she saw something new and can't wait to explore with another kiddo!

Education I/We will Provide
We Can't Wait for a Another Little One to Join in Our Adventures!

We believe that education is incredibly important because it provides a child with numerous opportunities throughout the course of their life. We live in a neighborhood with some of the top rated middle and high schools in our state. We are also close to several private schools and are prepared to consider them if a child would thrive and excel better in that environment. In addition, we will be financially prepared to send a child to college where they can receive higher education and get some of the same great experiences we did in college!

Beyond the traditional educational opportunities, we believe that traveling and experiencing other cultures provides some of the best education in life. We were lucky enough to travel a lot over the last 10 years together and we learned so much about the world and about ourselves. We are excited to be able to take our children on some of these adventures in the future!

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