Creating an amazing and loving life for your child is a dream we share with you. We want to give your child the childhood we had -- a supportive family, laughter, a curiosity to explore the world, and unconditional love. We have an abundance of love to give and are grateful to be considered as parents to your child.

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Scott Karen
job description
Project Manager Healthcare
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering & Management Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
Will Ferrell
Bradley Cooper
Dream Vacation
Year-Long Trip Around the World Visiting Each Continent
Dream Vacation
Year-Long Trip Around the World Visiting Each Continent
San Francisco
Movie Type
Movie Type
Chick Flick
Legally Married

What it Means to Become Parents
Lilac Festival at the Arboretum

Becoming parents means the absolute world to us and we are excited to start a lifetime of traditions with a little one! We long for tender moments like Scott reading his favorite childhood book, “The Little Engine that Could,” as a child falls asleep in his arms; Karen giving the same Eskimo kisses her mom gave her as a child; and charting your child’s height on the back of a door. First words, first steps and the first day of school signify a lifetime of “firsts” we will enthusiastically enjoy as your child discovers his/her own interests and dreams.

To us, making moments special is more important than what we do. Unconditional love, support, and a sense of family are the most important gifts our families gave us, and we will pass these same gifts along to your child.

Our Leisure Time
The Grand Canal in Venice

Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed and we do not plan to miss a moment!

Karen’s passport is one of her favorite things because it allows us to discover places unknown. We love our time away, and months later can relive our trips with Scott’s great pictures. Some of our favorite trips have been to Glacier National Park and Italy.

Scott gets us outside for hikes to explore parklands around our home or more challenging trails at nearby mountains. We love watching the change of seasons along the trails. New England’s fall is beautiful as the leaves change to magnificently vibrant colors.

We spend evenings together eating dinner, reconnecting and hearing about each other’s day. We often take a few nights off from cooking to meet up with friends at our favorite restaurants. On quieter nights, Scott is happy with a game on TV and Karen searches Pinterest and talks with family and friends. Often, these nights turn into brainstorming sessions for our next adventure such as refurbishing furniture or planning our next trip. Karen brings the vision and Scott creates a well-executed plan.

We experiment with new recipes on friends and family who gather at our house. There is always too much food, and everyone is always happy to leave with leftovers. Peanut Butter Butterfinger brownies are favorites, and are always gone!

We are excited to share these experiences with a child and to learn about life from his/her perspective!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Enjoying a Fall Day

Scott about Karen: Karen can walk into a room, strike up a conversation with a stranger, and become instant friends with them. She is quick with a smile and a laugh, and has genuine interest in others. Karen is always doing a project like DIY home improvements, digitizing family photo albums or creating a garden. Her friends are from all aspects of her life and she loves Girls Nights. She balances work with play, relaxes easily and enjoys the simple things in life like a picnic or a walking around Boston to see Christmas lights.

Karen about Scott: When I met Scott I found my partner for life’s adventures. He’s loving and open about his feelings. If something difficult happens, his first response is “don’t worry we’ll figure it out,” and we always do. Scott may start off quiet around new people, but once he gets comfortable, he’ll surprise you with his quick wit that makes me laugh every day. Scott’s an active guy playing sports (hockey, golf, marathon running, hiking, snowshoeing), geeks out on computers, enjoys reading or curling up on the couch with me to watch a movie. He loves photography, and our home is filled with pictures from our travels, hikes, Scott’s races, and “selfies” of us from everyday life.

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