Hello. We are so appreciative of you for considering adoption and have been looking forward to adopting a baby for some time. We love children and cannot wait to grow our family through adoption. We have always known we wanted to adopt. We are grateful to you and cannot wait to give this child our love and support forever.

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Benton Maggie
job description
Insurance Executive Business Owner and Farmer
Bachelor's Degree in Art History Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Visiting Family in England for Thanksgiving
Visiting Family in England for Thanksgiving
Musical Group
Musical Group
Zac Brown Band
Dream Job
Dream Job
Fashion Editor
Family Activity
Sunday Supper
Family Activity
Games in the Backyard
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Our Family

We are a couple that is full of energy and fun. We are fortunate enough to have flexible work schedules which allows us to enjoy many activities. Although we live in the countryside, we also enjoy going into the city for family fun. Together we enjoy yoga, hiking, cooking, and farming. We have fun going to all sort of concerts to listen to live music and dance. We love attending and planning outdoor festivals in our community. We look forward to sharing our annual Fall Festival out at the farm with our children.

Benton with a Student from the School He Volunteers At

Benton spends every Thursday at an inner-city school, where he volunteers in the classroom and takes the students on field trips out to the farm and to cultural activities around town. Maggie enjoys volunteering with our local food bank and teaching interns how to farm. She also has families out to the farm to experience a working farm as well as for art activities, cooking classes, and garden walks.

As much as we enjoy the farm lifestyle, we also enjoy traveling and visiting different cultures. Seeing the world is important to us so we take trips to different cities around the U.S. and abroad such as Africa, Europe, South and Central America.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Giving a Cooking Lesson

We were raised to be open minded, compassionate, and loving individuals. Our parents instilled in us early on to care for all people. We will be sure to do the same, and instill in our children the importance of having an open mind, an open heart, and a caring attitude. While we come from similar cultures, we have friends, family and neighbors from all walks of life. We will share that diversity with our children. We will attend events and gatherings around town that are open to all types of people from all cultural backgrounds. Through our volunteer work, travel, and education we have been exposed to many cultures and plan to do the same for our children. We will stand up for our family through educating the people around us, staying positive, and always showing compassion for each other. We will discuss race with our children and be sure they feel confident as the wonderful people they are.

Our Pets
With Ducks at Our Farm

We are animal lovers. Not only do we love our dog who lives with us but we also love all the farm animals. We have a seven year old dog, Oscar, who loves children. He is important to us because he teaches us about unconditional love, patience, and loyalty. He also makes our household feel more like a family and is always excited to greet us when we get home.

We have raised chickens, ducks, and pigs with much success. They were important in teaching us how to work together and how much hard work and dedication it takes to raise something from one day old to adulthood. On the farm we still enjoy spending time with the cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, and ducks that live happy lives. The farm animals always bring a smile to the faces of the families that visit. We look forward to Oscar meeting our child and the child finding much joy in visiting the farm animals.

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