Adoption has touched our lives in many ways, but the biggest impact on our lives has by far been the adoption of our son, Grayson. We absolutely love and adore him and cherish every moment together. Being able to add another child to our family through adoption would truly be a blessing for us. We hope that you will consider us.

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Heath Heather
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Adoption in Our Lives
Merry Christmas!

Before we got married we talked about what each of us hoped for in the future and children was something that we both wanted very much. After we were married we started trying for a family right away. After over five years of infertility, we saw that God was calling us to adoption. Finally after waiting 4 months and 14 days we got the call that a baby boy had been born and rushed around with excitement and anxiety to get on the first plane out of town. When Grayson was born, any frustration or sadness from the infertility disappeared and we knew adoption was the path we were meant to be on. It took a lot of courage for Grayson’s birth parents to choose adoption, and we hope they know that adoption brought us from being a couple to being a family. We never knew how much love we had to give until he was born. He is so much a part of us that we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

Heather also has two cousins that were adopted and one of her best friends’ sisters is adopted. Heather’s cousins decided to seek out their birth parents as adults. Over the course of the last 15-20 years they have developed an on-going relationship with their birth mothers and are now an extension of their own families. One of Heath’s best friends growing up was adopted and we both have other mutual friends who have adopted. So, we are both familiar with what an amazing blessing adoption can be for a family.

What it Means to be Parents
On a Luminary Walk

To us being parents means providing unconditional love and support to your children. We were blessed to be raised by parents with that kind of love and support. They always put our needs ahead of their own and made sacrifices of themselves to make our lives better. That is the kind of parents we strive to be.

Grayson is the apple of our eye and everything revolves around him. If we are fortunate enough to be able to adopt again, his little brother or sister would certainly share that love and devotion. We have never underestimated the importance of parents being present as much as possible during their children’s childhood. So for us it’s about the little things like seeing them crawl for the first time, taking their first steps, and developing their own personality. We embrace all of the things that being a parent entails. We know that at times it’s the most difficult task we have ever faced, but without question it’s the most rewarding.

Our Leisure Time
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We enjoy a wide variety of activities and interests. During the spring and summer one of our favorite things to do is spend time in the yard. Heather enjoys planting flowers and Heath likes tending to his vegetable garden. We love the outdoors and enjoy taking long walks around our neighborhood with Grayson in his stroller or wagon and going for bike rides on the nearby bike trails. We also like going to our neighborhood swimming pool, which is just a short walk from our house. We enjoy a good summer BBQ on the grill with friends and family and always catch a couple Royals games and maybe a Chiefs game in the fall. We enjoy visiting our local aquarium, zoo, farmstead, pumpkin patch, and amusement park. Just last Easter we enjoyed taking an old-fashioned train ride from a small community near us where at the half way point the train stopped at a park for the kiddos to go Easter egg hunting.

Other times of the year, we enjoy catching the newest movie out in theaters, while some weekends we just like hanging out at home. Heather is a great cook and loves to bake while Heath loves making a big breakfast on weekend mornings for the family. We look forward to future activates such as running the little ones off to dance class, soccer practice or teaching them how to ride a bike. Heath would love to share his love of baseball by coaching t-ball or playing catch in the back yard. And, of course we can't forget trying to catch foul balls at a Royals game!

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