We are a young, active family who can't wait to welcome a second child into our family. We know that you are facing a difficult decision and hope that you will be filled with peace as you seek the right family for your child. We appreciate you taking the time to discover who we are. Thank you for considering adoption and our family.

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Memory with a Child
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Adoption in Our Lives
Enjoying a Summer Picnic

We have seen firsthand what a blessing adoption can be and are excited to build our family through adoption. Margaret joined our family through adoption, one of Rachael's cousins was adopted, and we have friends who have adopted children as well as friends who were adopted. Your child would not be the only adopted child in our family, in our church, or among our friends' children.

We also know how important it is for a child to know of his or her whole family. We were blessed to get to talk to and meet with Margaret's birth family several times before she was born. It was nice to get to know each other before Margaret became the center of attention! We hope that we will get a chance to know you and your family, too. If placed with us, your child will know as much about you as you are willing to share with us. At the very least, your child will know that you love him or her immensely.

On the other hand, we won't share details about you with anyone other than your child unless necessary (e.g., family medical history information with a doctor). We hold Margaret's story in trust for her, so that she can share as much or as little as she wants with others as she grows up. We would do the same for your child.

Our Leisure Time

We are best friends who enjoy spending time together. We try to do a special activity every week, whether it's visiting a museum, going to a play, skiing, hiking, or kayaking. We love national parks, so when we travel, we try to see a new park near our destination. From Hawaii to the Smithsonian, we can't wait to share our adventures with another child.

We love to read. Growing up, our parents read to us each night before bed. Now we read to each other and especially to Margaret. We've read everything from Shakespeare to Harry Potter aloud to each other. We can't wait to share our favorite authors from Dr. Seuss to Tolkien with another child during family story time.

We have special memories of spending time in our families' kitchens growing up. Rachael and Margaret enjoy cooking from a handmade family recipe book, and Eric loves teaching Margaret to bake desserts including his signature chocolate chip cookies.

Our house is filled with singing, playing the piano, and listening to music. Rachael is teaching Margaret the songs her grandmother sang with her. Margaret loves dancing in the kitchen and playing the piano. Eric also enjoys listening to music and dancing with Margaret.

Education We will Provide

Rachael's grandfather often said that education is a gift that can never be lost or stolen. We believe that a good education is one of the best gifts we can give a child. While we live in one of the best school districts in the country, we will evaluate both private and public school options before deciding which school will best nurture each child's talents and interests. We have already started planning so that we can give the gift of a college education to any child who joins our family.

While traditional education is important to us, being well-educated is much more than just being "book smart." We look forward to nurturing their talents and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

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