We are excited to be starting our family through adoption. We have been together 11 years and have worked to build a happy life together. We can't wait to be parents. Cate looks forward to diapers, endless bottle washing and late night feedings. Bill looks forward to playing games, answering all sorts of questions, repairing bikes and scraped knees.

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Bill Cate
job description
Database Team Leader Receiving Manager
Bachelor's Degree High School Diploma
Our Cat, Bella
Dream Job
Video Game Developer
Dream Job
Family Activity
Roasting Marshmallows Around a Campfire
Family Activity
Visiting My Grandparents
Vacation Spot
Wisconsin Dells
Vacation Spot
Madeline Island
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Playing with Our Friends' Adopted Sons

Cate has an aunt that is adopted and a sister-in-law who is both an adoptee and a birth mother. Through Cate's sister-in-law we have learned the importance of staying in contact with birthparents. We have seen the extreme pleasure that was displayed when the letters and pictures arrived in the mail. This showed us that keeping in contact helps cement that their decision was the correct one. It also helps the birthparent be a part of the child's life and see the child mature and grow in all of their endeavors.

Rob and Michelle, the couple that introduced us, have two adorable adopted children, Jackson and Blake. Much like us Rob and Michelle can’t have children on their own. In their adoption journey Rob and Michelle have been a few years ahead us, showing us the way. They have shared advice, as well as baby clothes and toys and continue to be supportive in all of our efforts.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Painting Pottery at the Dells

Our favorite vacation spot is at Christmas Mountain Village in the Wisconsin Dells. We like to rent a cabin for the week and mostly relax with our books, movies and games in a quiet pine forest next to a golf course just outside the Dells. We visit the pool and hot tub and occasionally go into town for a night out. If there is a science fiction or superhero movie playing we will try to catch it at the Dells Drive In. The picture quality isn't the best but the popcorn is excellent! We visit each of the dozens of t-shirt shops lining main street, and pick up some fresh made candy at Swiss Maids Fudge. Almost every year we visit Paint It! Pottery so Cate can hand paint pottery as gifts for our family, and Bill can paint a videogame themed coffee mug that he can’t quite work up the courage to take into work. We have gone horseback riding, and taken the Upper Dells boat tour to watch a dog jump across Stand Rock. Every time we go we try to look for a new and fun experience and we can’t wait to have a child join us on these trips!

Our Religious Beliefs

We were raised in the Lutheran faith, and both attended church on Sunday regularly as children. Now we attend church on special occasions like Easter and Christmas. We tend to view our faith as a personal matter and do not often burden others with our beliefs. We pray, believe in tolerance, charity, and forgiveness. We recognize that we are not perfect and try to do better. We also do our best to live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We do plan to baptize our children in our faith. At the appropriate age they will be prepared and instructed in Confirmation for the Lutheran Church much as we were. We will provide them with the basis of our faith and experience and will continue to love and support them regardless of where their personal journey of faith takes them.

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