Thank you for viewing our profile! We think that considering adoption is very brave. We want to try to match your bravery with our own by giving your child the best life possible. We hope that we can get the chance to show you how much we would care for your child.

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Casey Lucy
job description
Spanish Teacher Software Engineer
Bachelor's Degree in Spanish, Education Bachelor's Degree in English, Computer Science
Dan Brown
Stephen King
Family Activity
An Evening Spent Together Walking, Cooking, Eating Dinner & Playing Board Games
Family Activity
Playing Trivia Games with My Parents
Creative Writing
Musical Group
Ben Folds Five
Musical Group
Eve 6
Legally Married

What it Means to be Parents

What we are looking forward to most about being parents is watching a child learn and being able to teach them about the world while giving them love and support. We hope to introduce our child to things that we enjoy, but we also want to help them pursue their own interests, especially things we are not familiar with. We are excited to learn with our child!

Whenever we see people’s children, we enjoy watching them experience new things and find new passions. While special events and milestones are fun, we expect to enjoy the little, everyday things in life the most, like dinner together, watching a movie in the evening, going for walks, playing a board game, or reading together before bed; spending time as a family is what make life worthwhile to us. We hope to provide a happy, comfortable home for a child.

Cultural Diversity
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Culture is a deep and central part of everyone’s life, and we are excited to learn our child’s particular culture. We know that some of our child’s culture will be different from ours, just as the two of us learned to appreciate and celebrate the differences in our individual cultures. It will be one of our greatest joys to create a culture together as a family.

Knowing how to celebrate culture and identity figures strongly into our family. Casey frequently works with students of different backgrounds as a teacher, and his Spanish classes routinely focus on cultural diversity, understanding, and respect. Both of us love learning, and we are excited to share in all aspects of our child’s culture, including their home language, celebrations, practices, beliefs, and ancestry. We are very welcoming of all races, ethnicities, and faiths, and we will enjoy giving our child a variety of perspectives by helping them meet and participate in activities with people who share their cultural heritage and with people who do not. We believe in the power of learning from others.

Our extended families are also very welcoming of different cultures, and we look forward to bringing our child to family gatherings of all types. However, we make a commitment to our future child that we will always protect them and stand up for them, and we are prepared to intervene if anyone (family or otherwise) is unkind to our child for any reason, including because they were adopted or because of their cultural background. When we married, we made a commitment to always be there for each other; as future adoptive parents, we make the same commitment to our child.

Our Cultural Heritage

Casey is Norwegian, Czechoslovakian, Swedish, and Dutch. He was born in North Dakota, and has since lived and/or worked in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Casey is Caucasian and English-speaking, like his biological family, but he feels very strongly about cultural diversity; Casey loves studying and learning languages and speaks Spanish fluently. He has volunteered with Boys & Girls Club and helped people of many different backgrounds who have trouble making ends meet. Casey donates platelets at the American Red Cross once every three weeks (the most that is allowed).

Lucy is Irish, Polish, Italian, and French. She was born in Nebraska and has lived there her whole life, other than the four years she spent in South Dakota for school. Lucy is also Caucasian and English-speaking. Lucy never felt a very strong connection to her own cultural heritage, but she understands that by knowing what it is, she got to make that choice about becoming involved in it. She believes that it is very important to give a child all the information possible about his or her cultural heritage and allow the child to make his or her own decision about their level of involvement.

Together, we have attended different types of religious services and read various religious texts. Sharing the journey for spirituality with our child is very important. We want our child to have the freedom to learn about all cultures and how to respect and cherish them. Above all, we want our child to learn to be kind to all people, and we want them to choose their own path and follow their heart.

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