We would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us and preview our story. We are not going to tell you we understand what you are going through or how hard of a decision this must be for you. But, we can tell you that we would give the world to meet you and have the opportunity to give all of our love to a child we have never met. We cannot wait to share our lives with you and create a wonderful relationship with you through this journey.

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Matt Andrea
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Sales Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Business & Marketing Bachelor's Degree in Social Work
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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Family

We waited almost two years to adopt our daughter Viviana (Vivi). She is the love of our life. She is playful and happy. She loves to be hugged and get kisses. We know when Vivi is given to opportunity to be a big sister she will be fantastic.

We have a great relationship with Vivi's birth parents. Due to Vivi's birth family being near by, we attended all of the doctors appointments and ultrasounds within the last trimester. We were allowed to be in the room when Vivi was born and our Christmas gift from Vivi's birth parents was to have skin to skin with her as soon as she was born. We now see her birth family a couple times a year and we send them photo's monthly. We have a loving open relationship with Vivi's birth family. When any new information comes up we are able to openly share with each other.

We can not wait to add to our family through adoption! We are eager to add new relationships to our lives. We also understand every adoption is different and not all families will feel as open as Vivi's birth family was and that's OK! No two people are the same therefore no two adoptions are the same.

Family Traditions
Fun with Family

We have many family traditions. Andrea’s family gets together every Sunday for a family dinner at her grandparents' house. There is always something to do, whether it be helping cook or playing kickball. Andrea is the oldest of 37 grandchildren. Her cousins are more like siblings. Andrea’s family has done this every Sunday for more than three decades. We get to together with both sides of our family for every holiday. Thanksgiving is very special spending meals with both families and sharing what they are thankful for. On Christmas Eve we go to Matt’s parents' house for lunch and Andrea’s mother’s house after family Christmas Eve mass. On Christmas day we open our gifts together in the morning. We then go to Andrea’s grandmother’s house first to open gifts with her extended family. We go to Matt’s sister’s house in the afternoon on Christmas to spend time with his extended family. We spend time playing board games at night and cards. This is what we did when we were younger with our family. This is something we want to do with our children. It is important to spend time as a family and making traditions. We plan on playing games and sports with a child. We have continued our family traditions with our daughter and can't wait to continue them with another child.

Favorite Vacation Spot

We love to vacation in the summer. Matt’s parents have a lake house in southern Missouri. Andrea’s family share a lake house in mid Missouri and Andrea’s father has a lake house in mid Missouri. We spend almost every weekend at one of the lake houses in the summer with family. When we go Andrea’s family lake house there are around 20 family members ranging from newborns to adults. We enjoy boating and swimming. Andrea enjoys tubing with her cousins and riding the jet skis. We feel family time is very important. This is where memories are made and the families build a closer bond. Andrea has been going to the lake from a baby. Going to the lake is a family tradition for us. We look forward to making memories with our family at the lake. We are excited to allow the child to grow up with family around to bond with and make everlasting memories. One of our favorite memories is on the fourth of July. We spend the entire week at Andrea’s family lake house with around 30 family members. Andrea’s brother, Chris, always puts on a large firework display every year. The family also goes out on the boat at night to see all of the other firework displays on the lake.

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