Hello! We are incredibly excited that you are taking the time to view our profile and get to know us. We believe adoption is "meant to be" for us. We cannot describe how excited we are for the possibility of becoming parents, and we have lots of love and joy to share with a child. We believe adopting a child is the perfect way to grow our family.

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Jon Kristen
job description
Associate Lecturer Psychologist
Ph.D. in Psychology Ph.D. in Psychology
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Classic Movie
The Wizard of Oz
Dream Job
Video Game Designer
Dream Job
Being Paid to go to College Forever
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Memory with Spouse
Our First Kiss
Memory with Spouse
Hot Air Balloon Ride for Our First Wedding Anniversary
Vacation Spot
My Family Farm
Vacation Spot
Visiting the Beach Near My Family
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Baseball Season is Our Favorite Time of Year!

We treasure moments of fun and joy, and we cannot wait to share our interests and passions with a child. One of our favorite pastimes is cheering on our favorite sports teams. Imagine your child attending our favorite minor league baseball team and getting a chance to get close to the baseball action, snack on ice cream, and play catch with Jon after the game. We also will take your child to see professional baseball games (Go Brewers!), and if we cannot attend a game in person then we will enjoy sharing family time by watching our team play on TV.


Kristen enjoys cooking new dishes, and she is looking forward to finding out if your child has a sweet tooth and what favorite foods your child will have. Picture your child trying out a new cupcake recipe in the kitchen alongside Kristen. Jon is so excited to share his love of movies and cartoons with a child. Imagine your child laughing and bonding with Jon over funny cartoons.

Another shared hobby is reading books. Jon loves fantasy books and Kristen reads fiction about historical events. Picture your child having daily moments where we bond with them over books and stories.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Kristen Sharing Her Love of Reading with Her Cousin's Son

Jon About Kristen: Kristen is a good listener and compassionate and honest. She is dedicated to helping others, family, and friends. She is very passionate about the people she cares about, especially her family. She tends to be the "planner" of our family, keeping our schedule of events up-to-date, as well as organizing any of the logistic things we need to do. As a mother, I imagine her finding fun activities for a child to do and nurturing that child's interests and hobbies. I appreciate her optimism and belief in people, and I envision her as being the ultimate "cheerleader" for a child who will believe in a child and provide unending encouragement and love.

Jon Ready to Play Catch

Kristen About Jon: Jon is patient and kind, and people gravitate to his friendly and easy-going nature. He can always make me laugh, and he likes to be silly and play when he interacts with the children in our family. I love Jon's tenderness and kindness, and these qualities will make him a loving father for a child. One of my favorite things about Jon is that he makes time for the top priorities in his life, which are his family, friends, and having fun. He does not take himself too seriously, and he does not let problems dampen his spirits. I know he will be a great role model for a child and help that child feel love and joy on a daily basis.

Discussing Adoption

The key message we will share with your child is that adoption is a choice of love and means that they are loved. We anticipate sharing with this child about adoption throughout the child's life. This can include telling this child the story of how we came to the process of adoption, and emphasizing the love from the birth parent that makes adoption possible. We plan to answer a child's questions about adoption with open and loving answers. We want to make sure to always share information about their adoption story when they are ready, but at an age-appropriate level, without keeping anything from them. We will also ask this child about their thoughts and feelings about adoption and ensure this child feels heard by us. Depending on your preferences, our hope is that we can communicate with you regularly to help us better communicate with your child about their adoption. We are fortunate to have a lot of adoption services in our area and so our plan is to always make sure this child has opportunities to learn more about adoption and possibly meet other adopted children as well.

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