Hello! We are so happy you have chosen to consider our family for adoption. We want you to know that we cannot think of a better way to grow our family than through adoption. We have two happy little boys who cannot wait to meet their new sibling. They make our lives truly joyful and we look forward to the love, joy and excitement another child will add to our family!

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Marcus Rebecca
job description
Project Engineer Stay-at-Home Mom/ Part-Time RN
Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Ice Cream
Childhood Memory
Family Get Togethers at the Lake
Childhood Memory
Playing Monopoly with My Grandpa
Memory with a Child
My Children Learning to Walk
Memory with a Child
Our Trip to See Thomas the Train with the Boys
Family Activity
Family Activity
Just Hanging Out
Time of Day
5:30 pm: Dinner with My Family
Time of Day
Matthew, Joshua
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Family Photo at the Mississippi River

As a family we like to take bike rides to the park, visit grandparents, go to the library or just hang out in the back yard. Becky enjoys reading books or volunteering at the boy’s preschool in her spare time. In the mornings Becky and the boys like to snuggle on the couch and read a few of their favorite books before starting their day. She is very excited to be able to buy new books as we learn what your child likes to read!

Marcus enjoys coaching the boys’ sports teams, teaching the boys how to swim and spending outdoor time with them. He looks forward to doing the same with another child and spending time with them in other activities they enjoy. When he is not with the boys he enjoys playing soccer, paintball and broomball, as well as attending church house group on Wednesday nights. We envision many years of fun in the back yard, cheering from the stands for choir, dance, band or any other event your child wishes to be in. We are so excited to find out what your child will enjoy doing and what their unique talents will be!

Discussing Adoption
We Are So Excited to Add to Our Family!

Right from the start we will tell your child about their adoption. We will tell them that they have two sets of parents who love them very much. They will be our world and they will know that you spent tons of time going over countless families to choose the perfect one for them. We will tell them about all the love and time you spent making sure they were loved and cared for. We will tell them about the journey we took to become a family. We will always be open with your child about their adoption and the circumstances that surrounded them becoming a part of our family. We will always answer any questions they have about adoption and you honestly. No question or subject will be off limits as they start to explore their adoption and what that means to them.

Family Traditions
Paddle Boating at Memaw's

We have a few big family traditions that we enjoy every year. In July Marcus extended family rents cabins at a resort. For a week the whole family from great grandparents, to new baby cousins enjoy swimming, tubing, fishing, and other water sports. On Wednesday we go to the turtle race in the nearby town and then to the toy factory. After, we drive to Memaw and Bupa’s (Becky’s parents) and spend a relaxing week at their house fishing and swimming. In August we take a weekend trip to an indoor water park and go meet Thomas the Train and take a ride. For Christmas we go to Memaw and Bupa’s where Santa fly’s in to give the kids gifts and say hi. Holidays are spent with each family where gifts are exchanged and good food is eaten.

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