We would like to express our appreciation that you are reading our profile. We have so much love and happiness to share that we know we will be excellent parents. For you to choose us as your child's parents would mean the world to us. We hope that you consider us and we look forward to the journey that lies ahead of us.

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Brian Kristine
job description
Machinist Medical Assistant
Professional/Vocational Training - Machinist Professional/Vocational Training - Medical Assistant
Memory with a Child
Taking My Niece & Nephew to Six Flags
Memory with a Child
Sleepovers with My Nieces & Nephews
Family Activity
Camping at the Lake
Family Activity
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Ice Cream
Quality about my Spouse
She Always Makes Me Laugh
Quality about my Spouse
His Willingness to Want to Help Everyone
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
We Love the Beach!

We love to go to the lake during the summer months. Our favorite lake is Table Rock, but we also like Mark Twain and Lake of the Ozarks. We do not have a boat, but we do have an RV so it is easy for us to pack and go whenever we want. Our favorite thing to do in Branson is visit Silver Dollar City. We visit there as much as possible. Our favorite time to go there is during the Christmas season. We like to see all the beautiful lights and hear all the wonderful music, it really puts us in the Christmas spirit. Going to the lake really helps us relax and we really have a good time. Sometimes we just go by ourselves, but most of the time we are with our family and friends. Our nieces and nephews really enjoy the freedom they have running around the campground and hiking in the woods. We are also big beach people. We love going to Florida. Our favorite spot is Destin, the beaches and the water are just beautiful. Siting on the beach with the water hitting our feet, watching our nieces and nephews jumping over waves and building sand castles. Those are our favorite times. This is what we love doing, spending time with family and watching the kids be kids.

What it Means to Become Parents
Proud Aunt Kristine

To be parents would mean so much to us. We love interacting with our friends’ children and all of our nieces and nephews, whether it be going out for ice cream, playing catch at the park, or swimming in our neighborhood pool, and we can’t wait to do these things with the special child who comes into our family.

,p>We are both looking forward to special moments like first smiles, laughs and words, and learning about your child’s personality and interests. Kristine is especially looking forward to loving your child and helping them to learn and grow. And Brian is looking forward to being the kind of dad your child can talk to about anything and share his hobbies with.

We love sharing memories and laughs together. These memories and laughs will be even more memorable when we can share these smiles and laughs with a child!

Our Pets
All the Kids Love Jazz!

Our family is filled with pets. We have a dog Jazz and a cat Maggie. Both are very loving animals. We also have pets in our extended family. Jazz is a playful and loyal dog. He loves to play fetch with his tennis ball or Frisbee in the back yard. He also loves to go camping with us. All you have to say is lets go for a ride and his tail starts wagging and he gets super excited. He is great with kids, our nieces and nephews love his hugs and kisses. Maggie is a very laid back older cat. She enjoys her alone time, but she also enjoys the attention she gets from the kids. She loves to watch out the window and watch the kids play in the street. I know a lot of people say they treat their pets like they are kids, but we truly believe they are our children. We get them gifts at Christmas and Easter to open, we even buy them gifts just because. We spoil them just as much as we spoil our nieces and nephews. And they reward us by protecting and loving us back.

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