Hello! We are Colleen and Jim, and we are excited about the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our life with you. We respect the enormity of the decisions you have to make, and we can only hope that our profile may provide encouragement and assurance along the way. Thank you for viewing our profile and considering us to be parents, and our daughter Kate, to be a sister to your child.

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Jim Colleen
job description
Director of Product Development at a Financial Firm Reading Specialist (Teacher)
Master of Business Administration Master's Degree in Education
Dream Job
Professional Golfer
Dream Job
Own a Children's Book Store
Memory with a Child
Taking Kate to the Driving Range with me
Memory with a Child
Snuggling with My Daughter, Kate
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dan Brown
Shel Silverstein
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Watching the Sunset

Two years ago on a December evening the phone call came that would forever change our life. We were matched and our daughter, Kate, was ready to join our family. We were so excited and quickly began making travel arrangements to meet our daughter. The next day we jumped on a plane and traveled cross-country to meet Kate and her birth family. We were so lucky to spend quality time with Kate’s birth family. That time together has allowed us to know so much about her birth family and has helped us talk openly to our daughter about her birth family and their love for her.

As an adoptive family, we make sure to share with Kate’s birth family how she is growing and changing. We write letters to share her milestones as well as keep a file of pictures that mark special moments in her life in order to share with her birth family. We believe it is so important for the birth family to know that the child is growing, changing and surrounded by happiness and love. We have so much love, respect and admiration for Kate’s birth family and know that they made an extremely difficult decision to put Kate’s life before their needs. We are forever grateful to them for allowing us to have Kate in our life. We respect the enormity of this life decision and admire the selflessness, love and strength of her birth family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Enjoying Mommy-Daughter Day

Jim About Colleen: Thinking about my relationship with Colleen makes me smile and brings a sense of calmness over me, knowing that no matter what life brings, everything will be okay since I have her next to me. Colleen is my partner as well as my better half. She is funny, light-hearted, genuine and loved by all that meet her. Colleen’s demeanor and way with children is something that I look at with amazement because of her gentle, kind, and easy-going manner. Everything about her speaks to her love of being a mother and teacher. She leads by example and is always a role model for the children in our life. I feel truly blessed every day because she makes me a better person and has brought such joy to my life.

Hitting Some Golf Balls Together

Colleen About Jim: Jim is a people person. He is funny and laid-back while also being driven and successful. He is a total package as a man, husband, and father. He is loyal, understanding, and extremely nurturing. Jim loves me and Kate with all his heart. He is just a good guy and I am blessed to have him by my side each and every day. Jim is a natural with our daughter and all children he encompasses and has this uncanny way of making everyone around him smile and laugh. He is my rock and foundation and an amazing father. I am lucky to maneuver the journey of life with him by my side.

Our Life Priorities
Enjoying a New England Fall Day

The biggest priority in our life is being the best parents to our daughter and future child. She is by far the most important part of life and her happiness and well being is the cornerstone of our life. Another priority is raising our daughter and future child in a safe, loving, and secure home environment that is filled with unconditional love and happiness. As parents we strive to ensure Kate’s life allows for travel, fun, and lots of laughter. Taking time to be with immediate and extended family as well as movie nights with friends, cookouts with other families, and family walks in the evening are things we often do together. We love having our home filled with family and friends and watching sporting events, celebrating milestones, and just spending some time with others.

Traveling and seeing new places and cultures is a priority in our life. We believe that you learn so much about others by traveling and seeing new places and experiencing different cultures.

Finally, our Christian faith is a priority in our life. We strongly believe that it is important that our child(ren) understand how unique and special they are as well as the importance of their faith and belief throughout life.

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