We want to thank you for reviewing our profile and we are excited to know that you are considering us as your adoptive family. We have dreamed of becoming parents for so long and feel incredibly blessed that you are considering adoption. As a couple we have experienced years of infertility and the loss of a baby. We are so excited to become parents, we can offer your child lots of love, laughter, stability, and a bright future. Thank you for taking time to get to know us.

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Justin Leah
job description
Virtualization System Administrator Registered Nurse
Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Childhood Memory
Riding in Grandpa's Fishing Boat on the Lake
Childhood Memory
Fishing with My Dad
Ice Cream Sundae
Playing World of Warcraft
I Love Cooking!
Memory with a Child
When My Sister was Born
Memory with a Child
My Goddaughter's Baptism
Sport to Play
Sport to Play
Legally Married

Our Cultural Heritage
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We understand that everyone’s cultural background is different and unique. Justin’s family is primarily Puerto Rican, with a little German. Leah’s family is Irish and some German as well. Justin spent most summers in Puerto Rico as a child. When he was growing up, his grandma taught him and his cousins Spanish. At family gatherings, Spanish and English can be heard. We would like to teach our children to speak Spanish as well.

Culture plays an important role in our family. When we got married, Leah had a few cooking sessions with Justin’s grandma, to learn how to make some traditional Puerto Rican food. We would love to incorporate any cultural traditions you and your family may have.

Adoption in Our Lives
Justin & His Dad

Adoption has affected Justin personally. Justin’s mother was young and unmarried when she had him. Growing up, Justin didn’t have a father until he was 5-years-old. When Justin’s mother got married, that man legally adopted him. Justin grew up knowing, nothing about his biological father, and still doesn’t today. He loves and appreciates his adopted father for caring and loving Justin as his own son.

Justin would like to have that same opportunity to share and pass down all of life’s lessons he has learned. When Justin’s parents had more children, Justin didn’t feel any less of a family member than his siblings did. Justin’s Dad made sure to incorporate father/son activities.

Our Pets

We both grew up having animals in the home. As child, it was a great way to learn responsibility. We currently have two Dachshunds, or wiener dogs as most people know them by. They provide us with a lot of entertainment, love, and exercise. We do lots of activities with them, such as taking them to dog parks, festivals, and their favorite—car rides. We couldn’t imagine a home without animals in it. Your child will have two instant friends who will like to play ball in our backyard. We feel having animals will teach a child compassion and responsibility.


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