Our lives have been forever changed in the most profound way by the gift of adoption and we're more than ready to take this incredible journey again! Our hearts are wide open with abundant love and joy to share with another child, and hope our paths are crossing for this blessed reason. We would be honored to tell you a little about who we are and the family we have become.

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Loren Matty
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Firefighter (Former Teacher) Senior Marketing Writer (Works From Home)
Master's Degree in Education Bachelor's Degree in Communications
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Family Activity
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Kindness Is A Language The Deaf Can Hear & The Blind Can See.
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Adoption in Our Lives
There's a New Mouse in Town

There is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together. And we know this to be true, for our adoption story was written on our hearts long before we tried having children. We both have cousins who were adopted and we never considered them any different than us. They are loved and accepted unconditionally just like every other family member. It’s incredible to think that even back then God had planted a seed that would one day forever change the course of our lives.

When we adopted our sweet son, it was as if the floodgates of our souls had opened up, and only then did we fully realize our capacity to love. Adoption has brought us the deepest possible joy, but also an enormous responsibility to help our son reach his unique potential and live a happy and fulfilled life. The bond we share with him could not possibly be any stronger, and we know it will be every bit as magical with another child whose red thread has been pulling on our hearts. The day we find each other, we will be forever connected and the circle of love that is our family will be complete.

Fun Facts About Us:
Our Wedding

About Loren:

  • Thinks he can beat box.
  • Saved a chicken in a house fire. You can't make this stuff up!
  • Is a former elementary school teacher and football coach.
  • Wore a kilt for our wedding in Scotland.
  • Puts hot sauce on pretty much everything. Even potato chips.
  • Had a small farm growing up in the middle of suburbia.
  • Is still the best of friends with three of his childhood buddies.
  • Sold an original painting a few years ago.
  • Could eat Mexican food every day.
  • Watched the ball drop in Times Square one New Year’s Eve.
  • About Matty:

  • Was on a dating game show and won!
  • Jumped out of a plane one birthday. Worth every heart-stopping second!
  • Backpacked through Europe by herself for two months.
  • Is a chocaholic but dark chocolate is her favorite.
  • Cuddling, watching movies & reading together are her happy time.
  • Is a small town girl who drove to California to give it a shot at acting.
  • Hopes to write a children’s book and screenplay one day.
  • Got married on a hilltop in Scotland. And yes, it rained!
  • Has a real funny bone. At least, that’s what Loren tells her.
  • Writes and eats with her left hand but does everything else with her right.
  • Cultural Diversity

    We are a transracial family and as parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children early on that in our differences there is beauty and strength. We are fortunate in that we already live in a very accepting and ethnically diverse area. On our small street alone, there are three biracial families whom we have relationships with, along with other families at our church and son’s Tae Kwon Do class. Our son regularly plays with kids of all ages, races and backgrounds, which naturally creates opportunities for discussion about acceptance and understanding of other cultures and viewpoints.

    We have already opened up the conversation about how our differences are to be honored and embraced, not judged. We’ve begun reading him books about characters who are different from one another in inspiring ways. And we will continue to honor and cultivate his (and our future child’s discovery) of their heritage at every stage of their lives.

    The world is getting smaller and people are more connected than ever before. In a lot of ways, we’re more like a beautiful mosaic than a melting pot. We are all joined by a common thread but thrive because of our unique differences, not despite them.

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