Parenthood has been the dream of our marriage, one that we hope will come true. Thank you for considering us as you make the difficult decisions that lie ahead. The most important things we have to offer are love, laughter, and joy. Happily married and deeply in love, we are generous and kind, ready to provide a child with a stable home, a strong education, and an adulthood filled with promise and opportunity.

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Henry Larisa
job description
Professor Middle School Principal
Master's Degree in Creative Writing Bachelor's Degree in English Literature
Dream Job
Film Director
Dream Job
Architect or Archaeologist
Collecting Vinyl Records
Singing With My Band
Going to Music Festivals With Larisa
Bach Around the Clock With Henry
Quality about my Spouse
Her Commitment to Achieving Her Goals - She is an Inspiration!
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
Banana Bread
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Larisa Marching in a Parade

We share an abiding love for the arts and spend a lot of our free time attending concerts, going to museums and film screenings, and reading. We are also committed to helping support non-profit causes and our city’s cultural economy. Henry works in the film world, has been vice-president of the board of the local film festival, and promotes the local film scene on a public-radio show. Larisa led a Carnival marching club which empowers women through dance, performance, and an anti-domestic violence campaign. Larisa chaired the fundraising committee for six years, and raised an estimated $100,000 through an annual ”party with a purpose” to benefit a local center for women and children. Larisa has recently handed off these responsibilities to other group leaders to make time for a little one, hopefully joining us through the adoption process.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Henry + Larisa

When Henry thought about his future wife, he hoped she would love books, movies, music, and that she would be a good dancer. He won that lottery when he fell in love with Larisa. Married love with Larisa also showed him what makes her a strong woman: a powerful intellect, an open mind, and fierce determination. She makes friends easily, and is loyal to them. She calls her friends “brother” and “sister,” not just by habit, but to put a name on her true feelings for them. Henry knows that the world would be a better place if Larisa ran more of it because she has high standards and is an incurable optimist.

Larisa needed a man to be cute, funny, smart, creative, and a dancer. She found the husband of her heart in Henry. He has taught Larisa the power of those blue eyes and red curls, to laugh every day, to read more thick books, to watch more films with subtitles, to write more in her own voice, and to hold hands while dancing.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

If we are fortunate enough to grow our family with a child who is ethnically different from us, we are ready to address diversity. As prospective parents of an African-American child, we know that it is important that our child grow up with pride for their heritage by birth, as well as by upbringing. The heritage of our community is largely an African-American story, with its celebrated contributions to world culture through music, literature, and cuisine.

We both work in public education, and we daily address issues with young people and ethnic identity. We welcome the chance to help our child navigate the world they will grow up in with a sense of pride in all of the families they can claim.

We have a very diverse group of friends and neighbors from all different races and cultural backgrounds, especially African-American and bi-racial. These friends have children, some of whom were also transracially adopted. We hope to instill a sense of pride in our child for his or her background and we will celebrate our family's diversity each day!

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