For years we have felt God's calling to complete our family through the adoption of a precious child! We feel honored that you would take the time to read our profile and get to learn a little more about us. There is no hope, no joy, more dear to our hearts than to be parents and to have the wonderful opportunity to raise a child in the love that we have to give.

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Mat Julia
job description
General Contractor Teacher
Some College - Art & Psychology Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Memory with a Child
Doing the "Rocket" with a Friend's Son
Memory with a Child
Sketching Butterflies with a Student at the Botanical Gardens
Disney Movie
Disney Movie
101 Dalmatians
Musical Group
Dave Matthews Band
Musical Group
For King and Country
Vacation Spot
Moab/Arches National Park
Vacation Spot
Zion National Park
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Our journey to becoming parents began about eight years ago. After trying for over a year to become pregnant, we decided to see a fertility specialist. However, after two years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we realized that having a child did not mean that we had to become pregnant - and we found new hope in adoption!

We initially hoped to adopt from Ethiopia. For over three years, we nurtured the dream of bringing home a baby. Ethiopia eventually fell through as turmoil in that country surrounding foreign adoption caused agencies to close their programs, and we turned to domestic adoption. Because we had been preparing ourselves to adopt an African child, we have spent a lot of time learning and discussing ways to honor our child's heritage. We plan on incorporating any family culture or traditions from the birth parents’ families if we can (we would love to know a favorite recipe or holiday tradition!). We also have and will continue to seek out mentors and role models for our child who share a similar heritage, such as coaches, teachers, pediatricians, and hair dressers. We want to be open and sensitive to our child’s growing needs as they come about throughout their development.

We are so excited for what is to come and we know that adoption is not only a way for us to become a family, it has become the only way that we want to become a family!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
So Happy Together

Julia About Mat: What I love most about Mat is his caring, tender heart. Mat sees the needs of others as easily as he recognizes his own needs and he has the heart to want to serve them. Mat’s most frequent question to me is: What are you thinking?/How are you feeling? He genuinely cares and places my needs as an important priority for him. I knew when I met Mat that I had finally met a man who would take care of me in every way possible- he is a wonderful provider as he works hard for our family, he is a spiritual leader, and he loves every part of me with a genuine, deep love.

Mat About Julia: What I love about Julia is her love for her friends and family and her willingness to be there for them. She has a calm personality and rarely gets frustrated with people and never gives up on them. She is extremely disciplined and driven in all aspects of her life. I know that she will make a great mother because it is something that she has wanted to dreamed about for so long and through the love and commitment that I see in her and the people in her life, I can only imagine how much greater that will be for her own child.

Our Lifestyle
Hiking with Friends

We live a life of balance! We remain disciplined in our daily routines of working hard at our careers, eating healthfully, exercising and getting proper rest. We both work similar schedules and eat breakfast and dinner together and have family time everyday. We also love adventures and delving into life! We love to go on spontaneous road trips around the state, explore new places, and find hidden gems. Some of our favorite things to do are hike and explore local shops. We enjoy down time at home: watching movies, creating art, and spending time with friends and family.

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