We love being parents! We enjoy teaching our children new things and seeing them discover new things as they grow. We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to welcome another child into our home to share in our experiences, laughs, joy, love and adventures. We appreciate you taking time to get to know our family through our profile, thank you!

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Brendan Odessa
job description
Roofer Kitchen Aid
High School Diploma High School Diploma
Childhood Memory
Playing in the Backyard with My Brother
Childhood Memory
Playing Board Games or Cards with My Dad
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Ice Cream
Anything Homemade
Memory with Spouse
Our First Trip Together
Memory with Spouse
When He Surprised Me with an Overnight Trip
Horseback Riding
Rosella, Hudson
Legally Married

Our Children

We have two biological children: Rosella, who is 4 and Hudson, who is 2. Rosella is a ball of energy. She is always ready to go, but can also be found playing quietly in her room by herself or with Hudson. She loves to look at books, be read to and "read" books (from memory) to Hudson. We teach both children sign language with help from signing videos; Rosella loves watching them and has picked up quickly. She also helps Hudson to learn new signs. It is amazing to see how quickly they both can learn things, even at a young age. We believe that if we take time to teach our children new concepts, it will be easier for them to learn them now rather than learning them later in life.

Hudson absolutely loves to play with his older sister. She loves to make him laugh, and has no problem doing so! Hudson is also energetic and wants to keep up with Rosella. He does like to figure things out on his own, but Rosella is always happy to help. We are excited to see him as a big brother. He loves playing with other kids and we're sure it will be no different with a younger sibling. Both kids are always asking when "the new baby" is coming and are very excited about him/her!

Cultural Heritage

In our family we believe that it is important to embrace human life no matter where you’re from or the color of your skin. Brendan grew up a part of a large Irish-American family – his father being 100% Irish by decent and one of 12 children. Brendan's father and 11 siblings, were raised to embrace there heritage in inner-city Philadelphia, and this trait has been passed down through the generations.

Odessa moved to Berlin, Germany at age 18. She lived there for a year and a half, learning the language and culture. While she studied the language and observed local pastimes, she made many friends. From growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, she embraced not only her own culture but also the culture of a large European city.

We are excited to be adding this child's culture to our family as well. We plan to incorporate foods and languages that may be part of his or her cultural background. Hopefully one day we will be able to travel as a family to experience their culture first hand.

Our Religious Beliefs
Our Happy Family

As a family we believe it is important to maintain Christian values. We are a Christian family and we believe in Jesus Christ. We also believe that the Bible is true in its entirety. Many things that we take from the Bible are commonly known throughout the world, but we also believe there are many things that are a little deeper, and not so common, that are just as important. We attend a local church on a regular basis where we have made friends and have gotten involved in ministries. Odessa serves in the nursery where she watches infants during the church services. Brendan is involved in a men's ministry and has also volunteered to help out local communities. We believe that God has blessed us in so many ways and without our Christian foundation, life would not as enjoyable.

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