Hello! We are grateful and feel honored that you are taking the time to look at our profile. We are excited to grow our family again through adoption. We adopted our son, Jase in 2014 and we cannot wait to share our love and home with another child. We realize this is a difficult road you are walking and we respect you and admire your strength.

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Todd Holly
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Sales Executive Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Insurance License & Designations
Family Activity
Going to the Cabin
Family Activity
Going to the Cabin
Saturday Morning Bakery & Coffee
Saturday Morning Bakery Run
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Quality about my Spouse
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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Happy Family

Adoption has changed our lives forever! The day we met our son was the best day of our lives; words cannot explain the love and joy he has brought into our lives. From the moment we held him in our arms we knew we had just received the greatest gift we could ever imagine. We were fortunate enough to meet Jase’s birth mom and her family prior to the adoption and were excited to see them all again when we got to the hospital and were there for Jase’s birth. We feel blessed to have shared that time with our son's birth family.

Today, we share messages, send photos and letters throughout the year to keep his birth family updated on all of his milestones. We have the utmost love and respect for Jase’s birth mother. He will grow up undoubtedly knowing what a beautiful person she is inside and out.

In addition to Jase, our nephew Evan was also adopted at birth in 2010. Holly’s sister and her husband, too, have an open adoption. Adoption is talked about openly in our family and we are excited for another child to share a special adoption bond with Jase and Evan. We cannot wait to open our hearts, our home and our lives again through the selfless act of adoption.

Our Lifestyle
Fun Playing on a Snowy Morning

Our lifestyle is very active and healthy but remains Christ and faith-centered. We attend church regularly and make giving a priority. Todd works hard as the primary provider for our family and Holly is a stay-at-home mom, which we consider a wonderful blessing in our lives. During the day Holly stays busy with different activities planned for her and Jase throughout the week. They go to swim class, attend tot-time at our library, play at the park, visit Grandma's, have play-dates with friends, or some days they just stay home and do finger-painting or play in the yard. We are home as a family each night for a home-cooked dinner together. Our weekends are spent hiking, going to farmer's markets and visiting apple orchards in the fall. Additionally, Todd spends time enjoying his passion of hunting and fishing – and he can’t wait to share this passion with our kids.

Family Traditions

We have some great family traditions that we enjoy now more than ever! Our typical Thanksgiving includes a large family gathering with lots of wonderful food, a fire in the fireplace and football on TV. After we eat, we head out for a long family walk. This kicks off the start to one of our favorite holidays, Christmas! We begin by going with Holly’s family up north to cut down our Christmas tree. We get hot chocolate, take a hayride and find the perfect tree to cut down. Then we head home to decorate our tree while listening to our favorite Christmas songs.

Annual Pumpkin Harvest

In the spring we plant a pumpkin patch at our family’s cabin. Then in the fall we harvest the pumpkins and give them away to family & friends. Another tradition we have started is a summer vacation at a condo with Holly's family. There, we go to the beach, play in the pool and spend time at the local farm feeding the baby animals. We also have our Saturday morning bakery run. We get up early and walk down to our local bakery for our morning donuts and coffee. We are especially looking forward to doing this as a family of four!

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