We have been planning to adopt for a while and are excited to begin the journey to expand our family through adoption. We are so honored that you want to learn more about our family and what type of life we can provide to your child. Our family cannot wait to share our unconditional love with your child.

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Jeff Lynn
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Engineer Customer Liaison
Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree
Movie Munchie
Movie Munchie
Milk Duds
Dream Vacation
Skiing in Switzerland
Dream Vacation
Manitoba to See Polar Bears & the Northern Lights
Childhood Memory
Jumping Off Rocks at the Lake
Childhood Memory
Traveling the World with My Family
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Mountain Biking
Memory with Spouse
Alaska Vacation
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Homemade Pizza
Thing to Cook
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
Sandwich Hug!

Since high school, Lynn has been interested in adoption. She remembers watching a television documentary and seeing children in overseas orphanages that needed loving families. Over the years, she realized that whatever path her life took, she wanted to adopt a child. Jeff is also excited about this opportunity and looks forward to expanding our family through adoption. After having Jake and buying a bigger home, we are ready to complete our family.

Not only is adoption a passion for Lynn, but it is very close to Jeff’s heart as well. Jeff has a step-brother and step-sister who were adopted and he was raised with them starting as a young teenager. We also know many families with adopted children. We plan to let our child know at an early age that they were adopted. We want our child to be aware of adoption as a positive event in our lives and realize how fortunate we are to add them to our family in such a unique way.

Our Children, Ryan and Jake
Fun Times Together

Jeff has a 19-year-old son, Ryan, who lives with his mother. Ryan used to live pretty close to us and we would see him on weekends twice a month. Since he moved further away, we usually see him during spring break, summer time and over the holidays. Ryan lives in a beautiful beach area so we look forward to spending time with him at the beach during the summers. We also have a six year old biological son, Jake. He is a very active, happy child. Jake loves to run, play in the dirt, make crafts and build things. Although there is a large age difference between our two sons, they really enjoy each other’s company. Jake is very proud to have a big brother and looks forward to their time together. Ryan is very patient with Jake and will toss a ball with him, wrestle, race or play in the mud with him. Both are excited to add a sibling to our family!

Our Family Traditions

We love the innocence of children and watching the excitement waiting for Santa, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, etc. We have fun during the holidays enhancing Jake’s imagination. At Christmas, we leave outside partially eaten carrots to pretend Santa’s reindeer ate them and leave a trail of chocolate gold coins supposedly left by a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s. Day. This year Jake was doubting the existence of leprechauns so he left some mud outside for the leprechaun to step in. He was thrilled the next day when he found tiny footprints near the door. We have fun thinking of things to do to surprise Jake and love developing memories that will make him smile when he thinks of his childhood. We can’t wait to keep this magic alive with another little one!

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