Hello! We're college sweethearts that have been married 18 years. We're a fun, active, caring family with lots of laughter and joy! We hope our life, experiences, and values are a perfect match for your child. We're so excited to complete our family and always believed adoption was in our future. It is the most special, selfless, shared experience between families. We can't wait to share our unconditional love for each other and our children.

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Jason Shea
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Senior Manager Public Relations/Marketing Director (Part-Time from Home)
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
Stephen King
Stephenie Meyer
Drawing, Sketching
Musical Group
Musical Group
Vacation Spot
Vacation Spot
Walt Disney World!
Jackson, Carter
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
Our Family at a School Play

Adoption has been on our hearts for so many years! Shea grew up with many adopted children in her extended families, including many cousins, and always dreamed of being an adoptive mother even before we had our sons.

Our children are twins- Jack and Carter. Raising twins has been a wonderful experience! Carter is the oldest by one minute. Carter is creative, enjoys drawing, the saxophone, chess, basketball and golf. Carter is a great student and enjoys robotics and speech. Carter’s goal is to be an animator for Disney or be an architect. He loves to entertain our nieces and nephews including supervising many treasure hunts!

Jack enjoys sports and plays baseball year round, plays football and runs track. He has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing everyday. Jack is a wonderful writer and makes good grades in school. Jack is very protective of his family and very loyal to his friends. Jack loves to cook and his favorite food is ultimate nachos at the ballpark! Jack’s goal is to work at Fox Sports one day.

The twins have longed for a sibling for so long and we know how much their baby and toddler cousins mean to them. They have many close friends that are adopted, and thankfully they are old enough to understand and be so excited about what adoption means to our family and to them.

Fun Facts About Us:
Jason Making His Famous Scrambled Eggs

  • Jason has a secret recipe for making scrambled eggs and he won’t tell anyone!
  • Shea has a certification for Kickboxing Instruction.
  • Shea and Jason lived close to the beach in California when we first were married.
  • Jason loves to take home movies and edit them together to music to make music memory videos.
  • Shea was a news reporter and editor at her college campus.
  • Jason knows every line to every Star Wars movie ever made!
  • We asked them and our children’s favorite meals we cook are: chicken enchiladas, crockpot chili, and pancakes.
  • Shea designs websites and custom t-shirts in her spare time.
  • Jason is a great snow skier and went skiing every year growing up.
  • We love to help animal rescue groups and saved our doggies Steve and Fergie from the shelter.
  • Our Family Traditions
    Annual River Trip

    Family traditions are so important for our family! Once a year, right before school starts, we go on a weeklong trip to the river. There are about fifteen families that join us (including families with adopted children).

    We go every four years to Disney World with Shea’s sisters and their families. The idea is to take every cousin once they are old enough!

    Our most important tradition is our meal together at night. No matter how busy, this is something we stop to do. We all talk about the hardest part of our day, and the best part of our day. We can’t wait for another little one to enjoy all of these traditions with us. Nothing is more wonderful than to see a child enjoy these activities! We feel blessed for our big family and group of friends that are so family-centered to help us celebrate these traditions.

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