Hello, We are grateful that you are reading our profile and considering us to be the parents of your child. We have much love in our hearts to welcome a new baby into our home and family. Adoption is a gift for us and for your child. We hope you consider us to be parents of your child and look forward to working with you on the journey that lies ahead.

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Steve Beatriz
job description
Business Analyst Principle Design Assurance Engineer
Master's Degree in Business/Organizational Development Master's Degree in Management of Technology
Dream Vacation
Cycling Around Europe
Dream Vacation
Anything Chocolate with Nuts!
Birthday Cake
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History-Based Movies
Movie Type
Disney Movies
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Vacation Spot
Legally Married

What Makes Us Unique
Exploring Alaska

We have some strong personality traits that will make us great parents. Beatriz is strong and steady. She came to Minnesota from Puerto Rico, not knowing a soul. She left a tropical island for a wintery wonderland, but adapted to the winter season just fine. She took on running as a hobby and found ways to enjoy both summer and winter in our beautiful state. Beatriz is genuine and sincere. With Beatriz, what you see is what you get, not a lot of frills, but a whole lot of genuine value. Beatriz is naturally beautiful both on the inside and out.

Steve, on the other hand is stable and determined. He is goal-oriented and finds ways to get things done. He stays busy doing projects around the house and keeps in shape by riding his bike. He finds ways to be productive at work – volunteering for certain projects that benefit a nearby university, even though those projects may be outside of his job description. Steve is dedicated and loyal. His word is golden and you can rely on the fact that if he says he’ll do something, he’ll do it. Steve is the youngest in his family, but he’s a leader, not a follower.

We are both serious when we need to be, but often find time to relax and be just plain silly!

Our Lifestyle
Merry Christmas!

We are both very laid back. We face our challenges head on and come out stronger when we overcome obstacles and hardships. We believe in working hard, enjoying life and saving for our future.

Beatriz is smart, funny, easy-going and very kind. She knows how to be true to her values and allows for other people’s differences. Steve is also true to his values. He is loving and kind and outgoing.

We love to travel together and enjoy discovering new places to see and things to do. Recently we explored two caves and took pictures of the mountains in Puerto Rico. Last fall, we rented a fishing guide and tried our luck catching walleye and perch. It was a lot of fun!

During the work week we like to re-connect at home, where we like to pray together, we sometimes watch T.V., exercise, and have some fun playing with and walking our dog. On the weekends we take our dog to the park, visit with friends, do a fun recreational activity and go to church.

We look forward to sharing our lives with a child and cannot wait to find new fun things to do as a family!

Cultural Diversity

Our life is very culturally diverse. We, as a couple, come from very different backgrounds. Beatriz is Puerto Rican (Hispanic) and Steve is from a small mid-western town in Wisconsin. Beatriz is bilingual. We will teach our child to speak both English and Spanish and look forward to sharing both American and Puerto Rican foods, customs and traditions with our child.

We both have friends from a variety of cultures. Steve’s best friend is African American. We have been named honorary uncle and aunt of his boys, Langston and Logan. As a teacher, Steve has taught children of all races and cultures and also mentored two African American boys as a Big Brother. At work, Beatriz helped organize a multicultural event which featured foods from around the world.

We have traveled to many diverse locations including Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Europe, Jamaica, Mexico, Asia and Canada. We believe that our strength as a society and as a nation lies in diversity. We celebrate our unique qualities and the diverse qualities of those around us.

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