Children are a precious gift, and we look forward to the incredible gift of a child that someone else carried for us. Parenting brings us so much joy, and we can't wait to complete our family with a third child. We believe a parent's greatest duty is to help their children develop into successful, independent adults. We hope you'll consider granting us the gift of sharing in that duty for your child.

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Jay Tiffany
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Software Engineer Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Math Law Degree
Molten Lava Cake
Sunday Night Breakfast for Dinner
Big Birthday Parties
Memory with a Child
Disney Cruises with Our Kids
Memory with a Child
Meeting the Characters at Disney World
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Caitlyn, Wesley
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Our Leisure Time
Professor Plum & Mrs. Peacock for a "Clue" Themed Party

We love to laugh and play as a family and with close friends. We enjoy arranging board game nights, play dates, and vacations with other families we're close with.

We enjoy throwing large parties as a couple, and our annual “murder mystery” costume parties are always a hit. Tiffany spends weeks doing the planning--assigning everyone their role and picking out the perfect decorations. Jay plans the menu, and spends the whole day prepping a themed feast for our guests.

After the kids go to bed, you’ll often find either of us reading books or working at our computers. Jay enjoys unwinding with video games, and Tiffany often spends evenings volunteering--she’s on the board of directors for a local charity that houses and assists pregnant women and new mothers who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Our Family Traditions
Caitlyn Meeting Pluto

We love creating new family traditions, whether weekly, yearly, or at major milestones!

Every week, we have breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights. We also publish a weekly family blog with photos and stories highlighting the fun we’ve had with our kids for the week. If you’re open to it, we’d love for you to subscribe and follow your child’s life from week to week.

For all of our kids’ first year, we take a photo every month in the same place and with the same outfit--it’s fun to see them get bigger and bigger over that first year! We also keep a detailed baby book with first year milestones: first steps, first teeth, first words. And the first spring after each child’s birth, we plant a young tree on our property that will grow up as they do.

We have a favorite vacation spot--Disney World! We have a timeshare there, so we’ll make a tradition of returning at least every 2 years.

Finally, we have a lot of holiday traditions that come around just once a year! At Christmas, we cook traditional Welsh Cakes for breakfast and a Christmas goose for lunch with Grammy and Grampy. We throw a big Halloween party for kids, and make a big deal out of Easter week--including one night where our kids get to have ice cream for dinner. We also throw big birthday parties every year.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

We love the variety that exists in the world, and love to experience the ways that people all around the world live, celebrate, eat, and play. Although there’s tremendous variation, we’re also always reminded that people all over the world are very much alike: everyone wants safety and success for their families, everyone enjoys good food, everyone loves laughter and the company of friends. We hope to expose our children to the diversity present in the world so they can choose for themselves a way of living that brings them the most joy, even if it’s different from what the two of us have chosen.

We intend to send all of our children to a bilingual school, so they become fluent in another language from an early age. The school we’ve selected is diverse in the backgrounds of its students, and includes students from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We also love to travel, and like to alternate between “lazy” vacations (beaches and sun) and “cultural” vacations: visiting new cities and seeing museums, parks, landmarks, and local culture and cuisine. So far we’ve only taken the kids to cities around North America, but when they’re ready for long flights across an ocean, we plan to take them all across the world.

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