We are extremely excited and appreciative that you are reading our profile. We view adoption as a way for multiple families to come together to provide a loving and supportive environment for a child. We feel very blessed and want to share our blessings with a child. We cannot wait to discover, laugh and learn with a child in our family.

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John Jen
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Vice President Account Executive
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Dream Vacation
Golf in Scotland
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Grilling for Family
Family Activity
Entertaining Nieces and Nephews
Holiday Tradition
Mom's Kolache Cookies
Holiday Tradition
Hunting for Hidden Pickle Ornaments
Children's Book
The Monster at the End of this Book
Children's Book
Giraffes Can't Dance
Thing to Cook
Baby Back Ribs
Thing to Cook
Legally Married

Our Religious Beliefs

Our religious beliefs are very important to us. We believe that God is compassionate and loves us unconditionally. God forgives us of our wrong doings and supports us in our daily lives.

We plan to share our beliefs about God with our child at an early age. We want our child to be confident in God's love for him or her and to view God as a best friend. We also desire our child to learn Christian values and to have these values guide his or her life.

We both attended Christian grade schools and high schools, and we attend Catholic mass weekly. Our metropolitan area has a strong Catholic school system. We plan to send our child to Catholic schools. However, we also plan to always make sure our child is at the school that best fits his or her educational and developmental needs, and we will make sure the school we choose provides for these.

Dreams for this Child
So Happy Together

We have many dreams for our child:

1. We dream that our child will always feel our love and support as well as the love and support of his or her birth parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

2. We dream of our child developing a relationship with God and knowing that he or she has a forever friend who loves him or her without question and will always be with him or her.

3. We dream of providing a wide variety of opportunities for our child that enables him or her to grow and experience the good things our world has to offer: zoos, parks, travel, sports, art, music, etc.

4. We dream that our child will live a happy, joy filled life. While we know that life has many challenges, we dream that we will be a close family and will work through challenges together and that we will choose to feel joy and happiness.

5. We dream that our child will grow to be confident and will pursue his or her dreams.

6. We dream that our child will grow to love and be compassionate towards others.

Why We Chose Adoption

We both love children and tried for a couple of years to have one naturally. After medical consultation, it became evident that we were not going to be able to have a child on our own. So, we learned more about our other options: fertility treatment and adoption. After researching, we chose adoption. We feel that adoption is a beautiful act of love on the behalf of multiple people. We want to share our love with a child, and we are passionate about providing a child with a stable environment where he or she can explore, learn and grow to fulfill his or her dreams! We have high school friends and a cousin who have been adopted, and we have witnessed the love they experienced in their families. We also have cousins who have adopted children. We see these children interacting with their parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins at family gatherings. We see the love and joy both the children and our cousins experience by being a family.

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