Adoption is a special gift that will enable our dream of parenthood to come true. We are so excited and grateful that you are taking the time to review our profile. To be chosen to be your child's parents is an incredible honor and would mean the world to us. We wish you strength and peace during the journey ahead and hope you consider us to provide your child with a loving and caring home.

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Bob Jessica
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What it Means to be Parents
We Can't Wait to be Parents

We have been dreaming about being parents for quite some time now and we are excited for the opportunity that adoption brings. Being parents would mean the world to us. We look forward to providing love and guidance to our child so they can grow into a caring and responsible adult. Jess wants to be the Mom that our child can always go to and talk to. Bob wants to be the Dad that can fix anything and is always there when needed. We want to spoil our child with the same type of childhood that we were both blessed to have.

We expect being parents will be an extremely gratifying experience . We cannot wait to be there for all our child's first and major milestones. We will also cherish the seemingly smaller moments such as tucking our child into bed, reading a story or enjoying a meal together as a family. We look forward to be directly involved in our child's school work by offering assistance and encouragement. We also look forward to getting involved in community activities with our child such as organized sports, clubs, dance, volunteer work or any other interest they may have.

As parents, we will never take anything for granted. We will use every situation as an opportunity to help our child grow into the person that we know the birth parents would want them to be.

Our Leisure Time
Bob Loves to Golf

While we both believe in a strong work ethic, we both appreciate the importance of leisure time. On our days off, we love to stay active. We love to work on the house, do some gardening work and go bike riding or hiking at the park. Jess loves to knit and make crafts. She is constantly making small gifts for our friends and family such as purses, wreaths, candle holders and baby items. Bob is a big sports fan and is an avid golfer. He loves to get out with his friends, and especially his father, for an enjoyable round of golf. We are also involved with a local dog rescue. We love to donate and attend events.

Jessica at a Painting Class

We have spent the last 5 years dreaming of the activities we will do with our child. We will frequently visit the playground around the corner for the swing sets and slides and our favorite local state park to ride bikes and go for a nice walk with the dogs. We will enjoy our summer vacations and make some day trips down the Jersey Shore for the beach and boardwalk. We will root on our hometown sports teams and go to plenty of Phillies Baseball and Flyers hockey games. We will spend plenty of time with our family and friends for Holidays, birthday parties and other special occasions. We will always be sure to have a good time no matter what we do and never take a minute for granted.

Why We Chose Adoption

Like most couples, we chose to try to grow our family the traditional way by having children of our own. After over five years of frustration with infertility, we realized that it was not meant to be. This opened our eyes to another opportunity...adoption. We knew our dream of parenthood was still a reality. The more we discussed adoption and the more we researched it, the more excited we became. Not only will we be able to grow our family, we will be able to help another at the same time which is extremely gratifying.

When we discussed our plans of adoption with our families and close friends, the support was overwhelming. We knew at that moment that we were making the right decision. One of our top objectives as adoptive parents will be to inform our child of the loving and selfless decision that you made in order for them to be with us. We look forward to raising our child in a manner that would make you proud.

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