Adoption such a wonderful gift from God. We hope we have an opportunity to share our love, our joy, and our lives with precious little one. We strongly believe that everybody has a purpose of life and we all live under God’s plan. We simply cannot wait to be parents! Thank you for taking time to take a glimpse into our lives and the love we have to give.

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Senior Project Engineer Manager of Revenue Management
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Airplane Pilot
Dream Job
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Thanksgiving Dinner
Holiday Tradition
Making Traditional Chinese Foods
Making Plane Models, Home Remodeling
Cooking & Watching Movies
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Sport to Play
Cheesecake, Ice Cream
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What it Means to Become Parents
With Our Pup, Daisy

To us, being parents means the world. It means that we are now responsible for being the most important role model. We are so ready for that responsibility! We will model love, kindness, being a good listener, sharing, and tolerance among other things. We will show this little one what true and unconditional love is by showering them with all of our love. We will be good listeners to our child to understand what they need, what they want, and who they are. We can’t wait to learn all about them!

Being a parent means doing hard things and making tough decisions too. We know that there will be tough questions to answer, long nights, tears, and challenges. We welcome them all and the opportunity to grow together as a family through them all. As this child’s parents, we will make sure that he or she receives the love, care and support from us under God’s plan.

Our Family Traditions
After the Grand Gift

We have a lot of family traditions that are very important to us! Just a few of the many are grand gift, Chinese New Year, and birthday celebrations. On March 26, 2010, this was our grand gift "Big day" for us. Each family was so excited about the day of grand gift. The purpose of grand gift is a set of elaborate gifts to be presented to the bride's family by the groom’s family. All gifts should come in even numbers, meaning "Good things double" such as two pairs of dragon-phoenix cakes, and certain amount of Chinese and western cakes. In addition, tea is planted with seeds. Tea as a gift implies that the family will have more seeds after the wedding. After we exchange all the gifts, we eat together and drink together. It is so much fun!

Chinese New Year is the most important of the holidays for Chinese. It is very similar to Thanksgiving in the United States. Chinese New year is the busiest day for us! We make a lot of traditional food such as dumplings and spring rolls. After we eat the dumplings, it means that everybody still around each other. Everybody is happy and continues to enjoy our lives. The joy and hope of that day are very special to us and we cannot wait to celebrate with a child!

Our Beliefs

Our Attitude and Belief: We use 1 Corinthian 13: 4-8 to remind ourselves to learn how to love, respect, and care for each other.

  • Love is patient: patience even amid the hard times.
  • Love is kindness: kindness is a serving, putting others first.
  • Not Jealous: not getting in our own way and be willing to sacrifice anything for anyone.
  • Not Boastful: not to self-promote. Our gifts are different.
  • Not Proud: not thinking too high of oneself.
  • Rejoice with truth: not to take delight in others’ guilt or wrongdoing in any manner.
  • Never gives up: to endure and protect.
  • Never loses faith: believe in even the worst situation.
  • Never lose hope: expect good things, be optimistic.
  • Never give up (never cease): stay until things work out.

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