Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. While this is a very exciting time for our family, we want you to know that we understand what you are going through must be extremely difficult. We want you to know that we have a lot of love in our hearts, and look forward to the journey ahead of us. We will always appreciate the difficult decision you are making.

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David Sandy
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Adoption in Our Lives
Meeting Emily for the First Time

Adoption and parenthood have completely changed our lives in the best way possible. After struggling with infertility, we chose adoption after deciding that fertility treatments were not the way we wanted to expand our family. We have been blessed to have adopted our daughter Emily. It is indescribable how much joy Emily has brought to our lives! We enjoy planning for our daughter's future and watching her grow and learn and teach us things along the way. We look forward to adopting another child to love and encourage and share our lives with. Emily will be a loving big sister to her younger sibling!

We became very familiar with adoption as we supported Sandy's twin sister and her husband as they adopted their first child from Russia. Nancy's son was the first grandchild on Sandy's side of the family and was waited for, wished for and loved, even before the family met him. We lovingly supported them again as they adopted their daughter from Russia just five years later. Adoption is incredibly meaningful to us as well as our extended family!

Our Lifestyle
Family Bowling Time

Our lifestyle is fairly laid back. We both work, Dave works full-time and Sandy works part-time and is home with our daughter Emily two days a week. We put family first and enjoy spending time with each other. We are members of the United Methodist Church and enjoy attending church regularly. Dave plays softball in the spring and summer and both of us enjoy bowling. Dave participates in two bowling leagues one of which Sandy is also a member. We enjoy going for walks. When it is possible we like to vacation at the beach. We enjoy spending some of our weekend time at Sandy's family cabin as well.

Because family is important, we do spend a lot of time with Dave's family (which is local) doing various activities from dance recitals to basketball games. We also will travel occasionally to spend a week with a member of Sandy's family, or have them stay with us for a week. We are very fortunate to have a lot of involvement with our extended families in our life.

Discussing Adoption

We have plans to discuss with our children how each was adopted. We understand that while some adoptions are similar, each adoption is unique and each adoption story is something to be treasured. We plan on telling each of our children their adoption story at as early an age as possible and will repeat it and answer questions that the children may have as they mature in age. We will include as much information we can about each of their birth families and let them know that they were loved by their birth parents and that their birth parents chose us as forever parents because they felt strongly that we would be loving and supportive parents to them. We are sure that our children will have a lot of questions as they get older and understand things better. We will be open and honest with them, and answer their questions as best we can. We will hold each child's story in our hearts and be the keeper of these stories and share them with others as our children feel is appropriate.

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