We have known for as long as we've been married that we wanted to raise a family, create a house full of silliness and love. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you a glimpse into our life; our hope is that even though we are not perfect, you might find us a perfect fit for your baby.

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Trevor Alicia
job description
Company President Exercise Physiologist/ Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree
Horrible Bosses
The Family Stone
Form of Exercise
Form of Exercise
Opening of Deer Hunting Season with My Dad and Brothers
Hosting Easter and Bringing Both Sides of the Family Together
Quality about my Spouse
She is Exceptionally Caring
Quality about my Spouse
He Always Puts His Family First
Apple Pie
Cookie with Frosting
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Strolling through the Park

Anytime we have the opportunity for leisure, we spend it being active. Depending on the season, we have a variety of hobbies that keep us moving. We have two dogs, and together with our son, we like to take them hiking or snowshoeing as often as possible. Our dogs are a part of our family and we love how happy it makes them to jump in the truck knowing we are going to the trails. We spend a lot of time up at Trevor's parents’ pool with our son, friends and family. If the weather isn't great, we'll throw in a movie to relax. Nothing's better than Harry Potter and hot chocolate during a blizzard.

Individually, Trevor's favorite thing to do is hunt; he does some hunting locally but he is more passionate about his yearly trips west. There he camps in the mountains and hunts elk or mule deer; he even takes our goats along with him to carry his gear. Back at home, he enjoys taking his dog pheasant hunting or bow hunting with his brothers. During Alicia's spare time (if not spending time with the family) Alicia enjoys yoga, running, or going to an indoor cycling class. She also loves spending time in the kitchen, 'concocting' a new dish or baking, and loves the opportunity to grocery shop at specialty stores. When it works, she loves getting together with her best friends for a good coffee and conversation.

Our Family Dreams

Our dreams are pretty simple; we want our children to be happy. When we say this, we don't mean spoiled, but happy because they are loved, listened too and allowed to be themselves. It's important to us that our children are given a large variety of opportunities throughout their lives, whether it's related to sports, music, and academics or sharing in some of our favorite things, such as traveling to the mountains and just spending as much time outdoors as we can whether hiking, snowshoeing, or playing with our pets.

Our family dream is for our children to have a happy and healthy childhood and grow up to be loyal and humble adults. We want out children to feel confident about knowing who they are and where they came from, which includes honoring their culture and embracing diversity.

Why We Chose Adoption
We Are So Excited to be Adopting Again

When we decided to start trying to have a baby, we did not know that getting pregnant was not in God's plan for us. We spent about four years trying with the help of fertility treatments. When we decided to step away from the doctors and the drugs, it was with great relief. The bottom line was that we wanted to be parents, wanted to bring children up in our home, and we immediately started researching adoption.

It took 12 months after becoming 'active' to be matched with our son, Emmit. As soon as we were able to take him under our wing we felt more love and protection for him than we ever imagined possible. We had to work so hard to be a mom and dad, that we haven't taken a single moment for-granted.

Lucky really isn't a strong enough word to describe how we feel to be Emmit's parents, with that being said, we wondered, are we being selfish wanting another baby? We enjoy our son and being parents so much and are so excited about the thought of welcoming another child into our home. We both grew up with siblings, whom are now our best friends, we would love for Emmit to have the same opportunity. A second child would complete our circle.

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