We are a happily married couple that longs to bring a child into our home. We feel as though fate has brought us to adoption. As we begin our journey, we are very honored that you are reading our profile! We hope that you consider us as adoptive parents as we offer a house filled with love and stories!

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Chad Stacey
job description
IT Technical Analyst Marketing Coordinator
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science bachelor's Degree in Advertising
Form of Exercise
Form of Exercise
Belly Dance
Annual Float Trip with Friends
Fancy Date Night on Our Anniversary
Memory with a Child
Getting My Nephew His First Bike
Memory with a Child
Dyeing Easter Eggs with My Niece
Quality about my Spouse
She is Caring and Thoughtful
Quality about my Spouse
He is Kind and Playful
Disney Movie
The Muppets
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
We Love the Beach!

We love visiting warm places with a beach for our vacations. Our honeymoon was to St. Lucia in the Caribbean and it was the first time both of us traveled to an island. We enjoyed a lot of time on the beach and even snorkeled and stood under a waterfall. We would love to go back someday to a kid friendly location!

Our other favorite vacation spot is Florida. Stacey has been to Walt Disney World a few times and we are both very excited to experience Disney World with a child! We both love to go to the beach and also visit and interact with animals. Our trip to Florida last year was to West Palm Beach and we discovered some places that allowed us to actually touch and pet animals. We got to play with lemurs, pet kangaroos, hold snakes and even hold a lion cub! Even better, the attraction placed a lot of emphasis on animal education and saving endangered species. We can't wait to take a child to these places and create special memories!

Our Leisure Time
Game Night

We both love to spend quality time together and enjoy going to the movies and special events for date nights. We have two cats, Tippy and Kyra, who we love to spend time with. Tippy is about 9 years old and she is a very affectionate kitty who loves to lay on Stacey's lap. Kyra is 5 years old but still has the energy of a kitten and loves to keep Tippy on her toes chasing and playing with her. We are excited about introducing our child to our cats and teaching them how to love animals.

Stacey loves to dance and Chad loves to play video games, however we both love to read and we plan on reading a story to our child each night at bedtime. We also love to play card and board games, either just us or with friends and family. Some of our favorites are Chess, Rummy, Aggravation and Loaded Questions. We look forward to many family nights playing games with a child.

During the summer, we like to swim in our subdivision pool and are looking forward to seeing a child have fun in the water with us. Our community and city also have many events and attractions that we like to visit and there is never a shortage of things to do!

Why We Chose Adoption

We went through many infertility procedures to try to become parents. Unfortunately, none of these procedures worked and we realized we would rather adopt a child. We have so much love to give and we want to provide a home filled with fun and joy. This will be our first child and we look forward to creating a wonderful bond and to support the child as they grow.

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are at the possibility of receiving a child through adoption. While we cannot experience the joys of pregnancy, there are joys to be found with adoption. In example, there is the knowledge that we can provide a good home and life to your child and provide you with peace of mind that he or she is being well cared for and loved.

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