Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We cannot begin to understand how difficult this decision must be for you and we are incredibly grateful that you are considering adoption. We want you to know that should you decide to choose adoption and us, we will provide a loving, nurturing and fun home for your child. We love being parents to our son Alexander and cannot wait to add another little one to our family!

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Tom Kim
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Why We Chose Adoption
Our Happy Family

We both grew up with siblings and cherish the close relationships we have with them. We always hoped to have a big family. After the birth of our son Alexander, we learned we would not be able to have more children on our own. Raising Alexander has changed our life in an amazing way and brought us so much joy. We would love to share our lives with another child and give Alexander a sibling.

Adoption has always been a part of Kim’s family since all of her cousins were adopted. With adoption playing such an important part in our family, we know that adoption is the right path for us. We are excited to begin this journey and to welcome another child into our family. We can’t wait to experience the joys of seeing their first smile and being there with a helping hand for their first wobbly steps.

Our Lifestyle
Paddleboarding on the Great Lakes

Our life is family focused, simple, and fun. We are an active family who loves to be outdoors. During the summer we spend time at the neighborhood playground and hike the nearby nature trails. In the winter, we enjoy sledding and building snowmen. Most evenings Kim enjoys cooking dinner while Tom plays backyard baseball with Alexander and we all eat dinner together as a family. Our Saturdays are always filled with a new adventure like summer concerts in the park, trips to minor league baseball games, or a visit to the wetland reserve near our home to see the animals. Sundays typically include attending church, a trip to the McDonald’s Playland afterwards, and dinner with Tom’s parents, who live nearby. Every spring we plant a vegetable garden. We have a garden box for each family member to plant whatever they choose and can’t wait to add another box for the little one.

We are fortunate to have flexible jobs that allow us to attend school activities and enjoy family time. Kim took time off from her job to stay home with Alexander and is looking forward to doing the same with the new baby.

We love to learn about the world around us by exploring it. Our goal is to visit a new National Park every year as a family. This year we hiked the stunning red rocks of Zion’s National Park and we got to see wild bears in the Smokey Mountains. We hope to visit Glacier National Park and Yosemite in the coming years.

Fun Facts About Us:
Hiking in Volcano National Park

  • Kim loves that Tom has a laid back attitude and is honest, kind, intelligent, and funny. Tom loves that Kim is nurturing, compassionate, intelligent, and loving. We both are optimists and feel very fortunate for everything we have and never take our life or each other for granted.
  • Kim loves to turn the radio up in the car and sing along – her favorite song to sing with is “Hello” by Adele.
  • Tom secretly dreams of being an American Ninja Warrior and conquering “Mt. Midoriyama”.
  • Tom enjoys watching horse racing and has been to the Kentucky Derby 4 times. For our first date Tom took Kim to a horse race.
  • Kim has run a half marathon, a sprint triathlon, and a Princess Warrior mud run.
  • Kim and Tom both played basketball and ran cross country in high school.
  • Kim plays in a tennis league and Tom plays in a basketball league.
  • We are both avid readers, Kim likes biographies and Tom like historical fiction.
  • Kim had a pet cat named Tiger when she was growing up. We currently have pet fish – 4 catfish and 5 goldfish (one is named Nemo).
  • Tom and Kim have visited 16 countries and look forward to exploring the world with our children when they are older
  • We loved visiting Hawaii and enjoyed hiking through a volcano bed in the National Park, the red lava flow lit up the night sky for a spectacular view. We would love to own a beach house there one day.

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