To say that adoption is ingrained in us would be an understatement. Julie has wanted to adopt since she was a teenager and Brennan's older siblings are adopted. Our little family has a lot of love, laughter and adventures to share. We are excited for the journey we are all about to take and are honored and thankful for your consideration.

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Brennan Julie
job description
Creative Video Supervisor Stay-at-Home Mom
Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Dream Job
Dream Job
Humane Animal Rescue
Leisure Activity
Listening to Music
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Playing Guitar for Penny as She Falls Asleep at Night
Memory with a Child
Dancing with Penny and Laughing Until We Couldn't Breathe
Quality about my Spouse
She Would Do Anything for Her Family
Quality about my Spouse
His Nerdy Playfulness
Vacation Spot
Camping Up North
Vacation Spot
Lake Cabins in Minnesota
Legally Married

Our Passions
Brennan Playing Guitar in His Band

We are both creators and are very passionate people. Brennan has a passion for music. It began when he was in grade school learning to play the saxophone. When he was 13 he got his first guitar, and his love for music escalated into wanting to become a career. As you might imagine, supporting a family with a music career is not easy! Fortunately, his work allows him the time for musical endeavors. It is a very important hobby of his, and one he looks forward to passing on to all of his children. We have a recording studio in the back of our property where he writes music using as many instruments as he can figure out.=

Decorations Julie Created for Penny's Birthday

Julie has the passion for crafting and creation. She loves event planning and throws the most wonderful parties for Penny. Throughout the week, craft time is an important part of Penny's development and creative growth. This will extend to the new child as well! We have one whole room dedicated to nothing but crafting and creating. The creativeness in our home is endless and ALWAYS encouraged. We look forward to continuing our support of creativity with the new baby.

Our Lifestyle

We choose to live a very open minded and supportive lifestyle. We want our children to experience things and to grow from those experiences. We want to give them the opportunity to fail and discover who they are naturally. We are both very creative people, so that allows our daughter Penny to go out on a limb and try new things. Get a little muddy and play in the rain. We want our children to have a childhood they will never forget while growing up with good, honest values.

Penny Hugging a Cow

We try to live an environmentally conscious life as well. Everything from simply recycling to animal rescue. We recently purchased a home on enough land to have a farm and Julie has always had a dream to rescue farm animals. Everything from chickens to cows. Yes, you heard right... cows! We have demonstrated to Penny the benefits of kindness and compassion, and she too loves animals, especially cows.

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

Through speaking with many other birth moms, children who have been adopted and parents who have adopted we believe that it is very important to be open and honest with our child/children. We want them to know where they came from, and what a beautiful sacrifice you made to allow them to have their lives with us. We are looking forward to sharing in the joys, love, laughter and tears through photos, letters and possibly more. We hope that our bond as birth family and adoptive parents grows exponentially throughout the years allowing for a strong and beautiful foundation for our child. Knowing their past and present we hope will allow our child to strive for an amazing future. We never want our child to feel like they were ever unloved or unwanted. We want them to be able to ask those questions and understand the how and why they were adopted by us.

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