Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. As hopeful parents, we want you to understand who we are, and why we are seeking to adopt. Our motivation, is based on the desire to raise a family, in a warm household. We love each other more than anything in this world; and we're eager to share that love with a child, so that they'll take our love with them, and grow from it.

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Ryan Masae
job description
U.S. Air Force - Computer Network Administrator Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Undergraduate - Computer Network Support Bachelor's Degree in English
Ender's Game
Harry Potter
Family Reunions
Sunday Dinner
Musical Group
Bon Jovi
Musical Group
Fall Out Boy
Memory with a Child
Building Pillow Forts with My Brother
Memory with a Child
Holding My Cousin's Baby for the First Time
Quality about my Spouse
Compassionate Assertiveness
Quality about my Spouse
His Warm Heart & Playful Part
Legally Married

How We Met
Beautiful Kyoto

In early 2010, we met, when Ryan went on a trip to the city of Kyoto, during his time being stationed in Japan. Having just got off the train, he fit the stereotype of the lost tourist, who wasn't sure how to get to the Gion shopping district. He decided to get something to eat, at the nearby Mr. Donut. While pondering the dilemma of starting with a sugar glaze, or Bavarian cream, he noticed Masae looking around for a place to sit, with her own tray of donuts. Being at a crowded time of day, he offered her a seat, and they got to talking about why he was there, and how he could find his intended destination. After helping herself to some of his donuts, she repaid him by guiding him to the district he was looking for. On the way, we talked a lot about life in Japan for a foreigner, what she does for fun, and her family. We exchanged numbers, and after a year and a half of courtship, got married, thus securing her supply of free donuts for life. This June, will be our fifth anniversary.

Leisure Time
Making Jewelry

Masae's hobbies are hand making fashion accessories, flower gardening, baking pastries, and drawing. Ryan's hobbies are kayaking, photography, gaming, tabletop RPGs, building and repairing electronics, and reading.

Ryan Loves Photography

In addition, there are many activities we enjoy doing together, like bowling, badminton, hiking, cooking, barbecue, and travel. We can't wait to enjoy these things with our child; and we look forward to experiencing the things they enjoy, as well.

Masae's family had a yearly camping tradition, and we want to continue that tradition, with our child. We want to create many new family traditions together, and experience a life full of fun and adventure!

Our Family Dream

In 2019, we will go back to the U.S., and as a part of our dream, we plan to purchase a permanent home, near family. We want to create a safe and playful environment, that will foster our child's development; allowing them to reach their full potential.

We feel that providing a stable and comfortable environment is a very important thing to do for our child's development, like both of our parents did for us.

Ryan is a dog person; his favorite breed being Labrador Retriever. We would like for our child to share in his love for animals and to grow up with a playful, furry friend.

Above all, we want to bring out our child's hidden possibilities, nurturing their innate potential, as they grow. As we expose them to a variety of experiences, we can't wait to see how they will develop, and what kind of person they will become.

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