We are so honored that you have taken the time to consider our profile! We believe that adoption is not only one of the most priceless gifts imaginable, but it is also the ultimate sacrifice born out of selfless love. We are extremely excited for a child to join us in what lies ahead on our fun, quirky, and loving journey through life. Thank you for checking us out!

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Bobby Leah
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Lighting Director Insurance Support Representative
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Worldwide Photo Safari
Dream Vacation
South American Adventure
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Reading, Shopping & Playing Cards
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When Our Nieces Run Up & Latch onto my Legs
Memory with a Child
"Dates" with My Nieces - We Have So Much Fun Together!
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What it Means to be Parents
Best Friends

For us, being parents is a serious task, and one we don't take lightly. As parents, we have the opportunity to shape the life of another person, and that's huge! With so much wrong in the world today, parents are the ones that are actively forming an agent of change, either for good or bad. It's the choices we will make that will influence the choices this child makes.

It's also the chance to show someone true, unconditional love, something that we feel is in short supply these days. Life is hard, and will be hard, regardless of what you do. But having somebody on your side, encouraging you when you fail, teaching your right from wrong, and celebrating when things go your way, are incredibly important for a person, especially a child.

Cultural Diversity

Leah's passion for travel has given her a deep love of all of the world's people. While on a mission trip to Guatemala, she developed a deep love for Latin America and it's people. The culture was so vibrant and the people she met were amazing. Being in Ireland made us realize that while people may look like us, their stories and daily living can be vastly different from ours. Even in our city, there is cultural diversity almost anywhere you look.

It is extremely important to us to expose your child to as many different people and cultures as possible. We want this child to know that as humans, though we may come from different places or look different from other people, our similarities bring us together, and our differences should be celebrated. Your child might be racially different from us, but that won't keep us from celebrating his/her heritage and making sure that they know that their ancestry is special and unique to them. We'll incorporate their background with ours, in order to make family traditions that will last a lifetime.

Our Religious Beliefs
We Can't Wait to Start Our Family

Faith plays a very large role in both of our lives. Bobby works for a large church in the area, and Leah sings as part of the Praise Team. We hold to a traditional Christian belief - a trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, working toward the salvation of the world through the sacrifice of Jesus on a cross, and His subsequent resurrection three days later.

This does not leave our lives without pain and doubt, however. This past year, especially, has pushed our faith to its limits, but we know that God will help us through the toughest parts of this life. We hope to instill these same beliefs as best we can in our children, while still encouraging them to learn on their own and decide for themselves what they believe.

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