We want nothing more than to be good parents - to provide a loving home for a child to grow and discover. It's a very emotional decision, and we often feel a range of emotions: mostly happy and excited but also nervous, and sometimes, even a little scared. But we believe that you, perhaps better than anyone, will understand that, and we hope that you will consider us to be the parents of your child.

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Gus Jill
job description
Director COO
Master's Degree in Business Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Family Activity
Board Games
Family Activity
Family Meals
Memory with a Child
Teaching My Godson to Play Different Sports
Memory with a Child
Taking My Friend's Child to Ride Ponies
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Her Nurturing Spirit
Quality about my Spouse
His Patience
Dream Vacation
Trip Around the World
Dream Vacation
Trip Around the World
Legally Married

Education We will Provide
With Our Family in India

Gus is the Director of a 1-on-1 tutoring firm, with a national reputation as the gold standard in tutoring. Thus, an opportunity that we can offer to a child is the chance to have lifelong access to a team of the smartest, most talented, and most inspirational tutors in America. Beyond merely supporting the child in his or her conventional schooling, the team will also be able to help the child explore his or her own interests in a completely customized way outside of conventional school. It will be exciting to see the child grow and learn in the areas and directions that he or she is actually interested in.

Beyond academic pursuits, we will also ensure that the child has exposure to art, music, and dance. Gus was once a competitive ballroom dancer, one of Jill’s greatest passions is art and art history, and we both have a shared passion in music. We will also ensure that the child is raised with deep exposure to his or her own racial heritage and culture. Because we both grew up in cultures that were often limited in positive racial and ethnic relationships, we have both held a lifelong passion in learning about and participating in various cultural practices both while traveling and through our friends, many of whom are ethnic or religious minorities.

Our Dog, Dixie
Sweet Dixie

We both grew up around farm animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickens, etc. We both feel pets are important to a household because they help a child feel empathy, love, and patience for a being that is not human.

In 2014 we lost our dog, Jukebox, at age 17. It was devastating to us but we knew that he had a good life and we were excited to bring Dixie (a 2 year old border collie) into our lives. She is a goofy dog who loves to play. She loves to snuggle but loves adventures on the local trails. She is very versatile to our routine and loves when people visit, and staying with her sitter. She is well-behaved but is still a “kid” in many ways. We know she will love having a little brother or sister to protect, love, and play with.

Discussing Adoption
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

We plan to be honest with our child about the fact that they are adopted, but we will be careful to always frame it as a decision born out of love by all the people involved. We are confident that openness and honesty will make it possible for the child to incorporate their adoption into their identity as a person in a healthy and empowering way. When the child is old enough to write letters his or herself, if he/she would like to contribute letters to the communication process with you, we will be supportive of that and encourage them to join in.

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