Hello, We are Matt and Emily from Tennessee! We are very grateful that you are reading our profile. We are so excited and ready to expand our family. We have oodles of love to share. We look forward to the adoption journey that we are embarking on and thank you for considering us as parents to your precious child.

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Matt Emily
job description
Systems Engineer Realtor
Associate's Degree in Show Production & Touring Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management
Shooting Off Fireworks on the Fourth of July
My Mom and I Were Both Born on Thanksgiving and We Always Make Sure to Celebrate Together!
Sydney, Australia
New York City
Musical Group
Bon Jovi
Musical Group
Brooks & Dunn
Fixing Things
Line Dancing
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Catamaran Boat Ride on Vacation

We love to stay active and on the go. Traveling is a passion of ours. Our favorite trip we’ve taken was to Australia. One day we hope to go back. Even though we are now parents and don’t have as much free time, we still love to travel. Our son has had a passport since he was less than a year old and has already experienced several really cool places.

We enjoy taking walks through the neighborhood and on the greenway. Our greenway runs along a river which makes it extra peaceful. Our son stays busy with extracurricular activities and sports. We enjoy attending all of his games and cheering him on in whatever he does. As a family, we love hitting up the park, playing putt-putt and board games, driving go carts, eating on the patio, and going bowling. Throughout the year we enjoy cheering on our favorite sports teams as well. We enjoy being outside as much as possible. Even though we love staying busy, sometimes you just need to chill. On those nights we like to rent a family movie, pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch together. We’re excited to share all of these fun activities with our children and create many memories.

Why We Chose Adoption
All Smiles

We have been blessed with our son, Tucker, who is 6 years old. Since he was 2 years old, we have tried continuously to have another child. Not having much luck, we sought out the help of a fertility specialist. Since having our son, Emily has experienced three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. After a lot of heartache, we decided to look at other options. We discussed it and decide that adoption was the path we were meant to be on. We truly feel the reason Emily could not maintain a pregnancy is that we are meant to share our love, joy, and blessings with an adopted child. We would love to expand our family and feel it is not yet complete. Tucker cannot wait to be a big brother and we know he will be a great helper!

Fun Facts About Us
Shoulder Rides are the Best!

About Matt:

Matt was Valedictorian of his college class.
  • Matt has been to every continent except Antarctica.
  • Matt spent the last 9 years of Brooks & Dunn’s career working for them.
  • Matt’s brother and sister were both adopted.
  • Matt’s favorite state is Colorado.
  • Matt loves hot and spicy food.
  • Matt started running the sound boards at church when he was in middle school.
  • Matt loves to ride roller coasters.
  • Riding Horses is Good for the Soul!

    About Emily:

  • Emily was born on Thanksgiving (and her mom was too!).
  • Emily’s only acting experience was in an experimental horror film.
  • Emily was on the equestrian team (horseback riding) for the University of Tennessee.
  • Emily loves to plan weddings.
  • Emily loves to country line dance.
  • Emily has a huge sweet tooth and her weakness is chocolate.
  • Emily learned how to drive on a 5-speed. Emily’s favorite food is french fries with a lot of ketchup.

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